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Monday, December 16, 2019

Homemade Chocolate Bark (Gifts from the Kitchen)

Chocolate bark is a deceptively simple homemade candy with endless options for dressing up the looks and flavours for different tastes, holidays, occasions, and events. All that is required for a basic chocolate bark is quality chocolate - either chopped, melts/drops, or chips; however, that's not much fun when there are so many ways bark can be swirled, mixed, flavoured, or topped. Here is a introduction on making your own delicious homemade chocolate bark.

Although our usual posting cycle runs the first Monday of each month, this is a little sweet extra before we go on blog-break until early in the new year. A little gift from our kitchen to yours, and perhaps onwards from there. Happy (almost) holidays! See you again in 2020.

Monday, December 2, 2019

DIY Fabric Gift Wrap and Ribbons

When prepping my fabric for stash busting, I has a ton of fat flats and small fabric cuts bought for dog bandanas (one of my guilty pleasures) as well as cute prints and patterns snapped up in sales and clearances. With the Christmas holidays coming up, I was planning to make some bandanas as well as fabric napkins. Both of these (depending on shape/size) make perfect gift wrapping, so I decided to do a little DIY fabric gift wrap feature for here on the blog.

Friday, November 1, 2019

DIY Dog Treat Bags - Crafting Old Favourites (and Stash Busting!)

I love to create but I also like practicality and purpose. Fortunately, some crafts have been incredibly useful over the years, and I've actually worn a few out. I consider that a small victory for creative utility, and a great excuse to re-make new versions of useful old favourites. 

When we first set out to try and significantly reduce plastic waste, I made some small drawstring bags for carrying treats on dog walks without messing up pockets with loose treats and crumbs. They've been used every single day since (often several times a day), and after three years of use, wear, and regular washing, they were coming apart and due for replacing.