Friday, November 17, 2017

DIY Faux Vintage Metal Personalised Picture Frame Makeover

This upcycling project combines inexpensive supplies to create a vintage metallic personalised picture frame, created as a guest collaboration with our partner blog, Dalmatian DIY Upcycling the frames is pretty straightforward and doesn't require much hands-on time, but you will need ample time for dry-time in between painting.  Since this is a cross-over collaboration with Dalmatian DIY, our personalised frames are a matching trio for the three pets - the DIY dogs generously conceded that their Tiger deserved one as well. To coordinate with our home decor and keep things versatile, the frames were finished in faux vintage silver metallic, but there are tips in the post below for other finishing styles and shortcuts. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Faux Vintage Metal Magnets Using Spray Paint Marbling

Spray paint water dip marbling (marbelizing) is a super easy way to create pretty paint effects. Careful! It's addictive! You'll be looking for things to dip! The downside is that it can be tricky to create an even finish. Boo.  For smooth glossy items that can be a serious pitfall, while for textured items or other forgiving surfaces it may not matter at all to the look of the finished project.  For my mini letters, I didn't want to avoid the uneven finish, I wanted to actively use it. In this easy DIY, the little air bubbles, water droplets, ripples, and other idiosyncrasies of the spray paint dipping process combined with the metallic colour scheme create the appearance of aged metal.