Monday, November 12, 2018

Fun with Photography: Abstract Art Using Oil and Water

Macro abstracts of oil drops on water are a great way to have a little photography fun.  All you need are a few basic household items, and unlike the quick work of dye droplet photography, you can work as quickly or as slowly as you please.  Here's the scoop and some tips/tricks for creating your own, as well as getting creative with soap, dye, and more!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Celebrating Cat Day with Crafty Cat Ideas for Cool Kitties

Happy Cat Day to all the crafty cats and cool kitties out there, from my mane man, Tiger. Our once skinny and flea bitten little rescue kitty Tiger is now a very spoiled senior cat. From rough start to jetsetting international cat of mystery! Meowvelous! In honour of Cat Day (aka every day in a cat's opinion) here are some fun creative ideas for cat crafts.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Creating Custom Home Address Labels Using Outdoor Vinyl

This isn't the most glamorous craft I've ever made, but it is definitely practical.  After such a loooong hiatus of crafting with everything packed up for moving, it also felt great to be making something once again! Our new rubbish and recycling collection program involves bins that have a tendency to take themselves on windy adventures around the neighbourhood. As a result, it's common practice to label not just a street number but also the street name. I've seen everything from marker to paint to hardware-store stick-ons, and there are even a few interesting efforts in electrical tape. For ours, I knew an outdoor vinyl Circut label would be a quick and classy way to get the job done.  I hadn't been planning to share this as a post, but it's already proven to be so handy that I decided to not only share how to create your own custom label, but offer up some free help if needed. If you aren't confident about styling your own typography for cutting, you can message me and I'll create a custom image file based on the one shown in this post and send it back to you. :) Totally free. Yay!