Friday, July 24, 2015

Six for Saturday or Sunday: Build Your Own Baskets

I have been slightly obsessed with trying to get things organised around here ever since the move (ideas still wanted for the studio / craft room). I like to keep things organised, looking tidy, and out of our puppy's curious mouth. Baskets and boxes are so very useful, but sometimes lack a little in the style and personality department.  Here are some of the great DIY basket ideas I have stumbled across:


As an extra creative option for those who are not keen to start from scratch, here are some equally awesome upcycling and makeover ideas to add a little bit of personality to pre-made baskets and containers:

Friday, July 17, 2015

Six for Saturday or Sunday: Get Your Hands Dirty! Garden Markers

I'm getting excited about our garden planning and planting! I know its winter here, but that makes it the perfect dormant time to plant the big building blocks of our garden-to-be, like fruit trees.  Choices choices... I am pretty nervous about ensuring that our new plants survive our four-legged garden "helpers", especially the puppy, but that's all part of the planning, too!  Sadly, I think that the only one of these garden marking options that would be safe from his curious muzzle might be the painted rocks! :) Advice and ideas are, as always welcome.

    See our garden planning in progress and check out our Garden Planning Idea Sheets over at Green in Real Life.

    I haven't been sharing here with you quite as often as I would like lately - life is keeping me very busy and I am working on getting CU and the new blogs into a rhythm. I am working on a whole suite of freebies for fellow bloggers and creative small businesses that will help with organising and structuring your  online activities (mine too!) - it is still a work in progress, so pop over to the post on our Facebook page if you have any special requests.