Favourite Things

I love... family, walking in nature, collecting puppy kisses and snuggling our dogs, autumn leaves, spring blossoms, kitty cat purrs, flowers, morning coffee, traveling, puttering in the garden, watching butterflies, learning new things, photography, crafting, bargain hunting, night time rainstorms, eating pretty much anything that is sweet, dabbling in and looking at all types of art, the smell of the ocean, laughter, sunshine...

Crafting Resources 

There's so many crafty things that I love working with and since I enjoy experimenting/crafting new things, it changes all the time! We've recently added a new label to the blog so you can quickly find our favourite stuff!  You can also filter through the blog by other general crafty keywords, like studio, supplies, and many more as well as specific crafting genres and themes.

This blog uses affiliate links to share related products/tools/supplies, which helps support our craft fund (and keep this blog running). We do receive a (VERY!) small commission, but affiliate shopping doesn't change prices at all for the buyer - it just helps you discover fun new things.  You can read more about our policies/disclosure details here.

Blogging Resources

Most of the photos on the blog are my own (attributed round-ups excluded, of course) and at present, my go-to is my Canon 5D. I use Adobe Photoshop for any edits and Picasa for making quick colleges. In addition to Google's blogger platform, here are a few of the many fab resources that I like to use to bring you cool content on this blog (in alphabetical order just for fairness!): Adobe CCdafont | Dropbox | + more as we grow, evolve, and discover.

Amazon Love

I'm so excited that Amazon how has a handmade/artisan section!  Although they've always been great for general shopping (very reasonable international policies and AWESOME for direct shipping of gifts directly to family/friends abroad!), I'm loving the new handmade addition to their product lines and the landing page is so lovely!


Etsy Love

You are always always welcome to take a peak at my current Etsy favourites.  I still like to shop at Etsy, but no longer have an active Etsy shop due to personal/life factors after we (again!) moved countries.  If you are keen to open a shop of your own (Etsy is great!) you are very welcome to use my referral link to try Etsy with free listings.  

Blog Love 

I'm always looking for interesting new reads! Do you have a favourite blog or website to share with me? Send me a message or share a link on our Facebook page so that I can visit your own blog or some of your favourites.  On the subject of new reads and things to discover, in addition to Creativity Unmasked, you can find me blogging on our partner blogs at Green in Real Life and  Dalmatian DIY, as well as guest posting elsewhere from time to time.  I'm always exploring (and sharing) new things, and I love experimenting with different craft methods.  If you're keen to check out some of our recent popular content, head to our DIY + Craft Tutorials page and explore from there.  On the subject of love and blogs, our dogs have grown up and gotten their own blog! Visit Oliver and Humphrey at Dalmatian DIY: a virtual playground for dogs and dog lovers of all shapes and spots, sniffing out and sharing the best pet DIYs, homemade treat recipes, and more.