Monday, March 12, 2018

Craft Month: Behind the Scenes at Creativity Unmasked

March is Craft Month, and we're popping back behind the scenes here at Creativity Unmasked to take a look at last year's in depth Craft Month mini-series and what has changed and evolved over the past year.  See the updates below and explore the linked Craft Month posts for details on our personal favourite supplies, most used crafts, creative troubles and more!

Craft Month: My Most Used Crafts and Homemade Items - One of my personal creative struggles is that I love to make things, but don't want to fill the whole house up with random nick-knacks. Fortunately, some crafts have been incredibly useful.  My most used crafts from last year are still going strong!  My dog treat bags remain the most actively used crafts (minimum daily, sometimes more) and are holding up to the wear and washing well, but I suspect replacements will be in order before next year. Fortunately they're simple to make and a great stash-busting project too.  New additions to our high-use crafts this year are primarily general household projects like the geometric coasters, custom pet bed cushions, and my office pegboard organisers. Special shout-out to my  DIY flower-press too!

Craft Month: My Favourite Craft Supplies and Equipment - My go-to craft supplies are much the same, but with the notable addition of my new Cricut Explore Air 2 and the tools/materials to go with. Hubby was clearly paying attention to the tips and tricks in our Christmas Gift Ideas for Crafters and Creatives. Hehe.

Craft Month: Creative Trials, Troubles, and Tribulations - In addition to my usual obstacles and frustrations, we're moving again and this has put a serious cramp in my crafting. I've been trying to whittle down my craft supplies and destash, and haven't wanted to make things that will just need to be packed up for moving. Bah humbug!  This has had a few silver linings, like the resurfacing of my minis for photography fun, but mostly it's just been the usual drudgery of prepping to pack and the semi-paused life of preparing to move. The new house will have a shared office for general desk-work and computer activities, but a dedicated nook in the scullery for my messier craft activities, so good organisation and clever storage will be key.  Suggestions welcome!

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