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Monday, January 15, 2018

New Tools for the Craft Room: Cricut Explore Air 2

A surprise present from hubby! Belated Christmas? Early Valentine? Either way, he's earned a hubby of the year nomination for sneakily shipping me a new Cricut Explore Air 2.  It's my very first cutting machine (I've been kickin' it old school in the craft room). New year, new toy, new projects. Yay!

The Cricut was surprisingly easy to set up and use. The actual equipment set up and test project took only a few quick minutes...much less than it too me to clear space for it on my crowded work desk. The Explore Air 2 is Bluetooth enabled, so after set-up it can be operated away from the computer but my primary computer isn't equipped for that at the moment so I'll need to USB connect until I set up a Bluetooth adapter. Easy peasy.

My resident crafty cat and mane man Tiger would like you to know that the Cricut Explore Air 2 box is also fabulous. He has become a box real estate mogul, alternating his lounging lair between the branded Cricut box and the similarly sized cardboard shipping box it was packaged in. Humphrey is suitably unimpressed that both are too small for him to nest in, unlike the much larger Amazon carton it was packed in along with a few other items.  Cricat (hehe): 

Now that it's up and running, I'll be playing with Cricut's Design Space and my own design tools and experimenting with new projects and materials.  Although I'm handy with graphic design and manual crafting, this is my first time using a computer-driven cutter (industrial CNC during university notwithstanding) so it'll be a bit of a learning curve before I share anything here but I'm sure freebies will follow in the future. :)  I'd love to hear from those of you who have already taken the plunge. If you have favourite materials, blogs, sites, accounts, resources, or other tips for a newbie please share. If you 'd like to leave a live link in the comments, just use the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a>

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