Friday, October 13, 2017

Pressing Leaves and Branches for Thanksgiving/Christmas Crafts

My flower press is full of lovely leaves, stems, and petals once again. These pretties were gathered up for pressing and preserving this week.  I was gathering leaves and branches for upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts and posts, but of course a few flowers made it into my collection bowls as well. I can never resist!

My DIY wooden flower press was made a few months back and I have to say, I don't know what took me so long to finally make the switch. They're so simple and convenient. If you don't have a flower press and aren't keen to DIY, you can also buy ready-made presses or go old school with a stack of books or other heavy object.

Now is the time to be prepping leaves for American Thanksgiving or late autumn crafts before the colours are gone. Delicate petals press and dry quickly, but it can take several weeks for thicker items so don't leave (hehe..sorry...) your pressing preparations too close to Thanksgiving.  Tip: If you are living in a temperate area without any autumn leaves (like me - it's springtime here!) but are still planning for Thanksgiving, look for plants with rich autumnal coloured flowers and foliage instead, like red, burgundy, yellow, and orange.  

It's also time for gathering and prepping your supplies for creative Christmas projects. I have big plans for these branches, but need to patiently press before starting my festive projects. Most needled branches are too crumbly for pressing projects, but feathery stems like cedar make a fine stand-in for little trees and branches in Christmas crafts.

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