Monday, July 10, 2017

DIY Home Office Corkboard and Pegboard Wall Organisers (Part 1)

Today I'd like to invite you into my home office for a peek at the upcycled corkboard and pegboard wall organisers that hang over my desk. Aren't they spiffy? Don't worry, the boards are nowhere near this bare (or tidy) anymore. :) Next week I'll be sharing more DIY details about the installed wall organisers, including homemade recycled storage containers and a homemade dry erase frame, so stay tuned!

As shared in my plea for help when we first moved into our new/old house, I work out of a home office that is shared with my husband. We each have our own dedicated desk areas, and these organisers were created for over my desk area.   The old villa ceilings are very high, so I have plenty of  height to play with over-and-above my desktop and monitors without crowding. I could go twice as high with plenty of room to spare, but would never reach to use the space. :)  I have a serious love for gigantic craftroom wall organisers with tones of pretty storage, but didn't want to go down that path for my office. Why not?  Well, we move often (moving again soon!) and smaller boards are more versatile for reuse, putting all of my supplies on display where I wasn't going to use them on that desk crafting was inefficient, I also like hiding my messy supplies away from eyesight and guests, plus we live in an earthquake prone country so too much of anything on the walls is a dubious thing. The compromise? An attractive triptych style wall hanging of three coordinating inexpensive and reusable homemade organiser boards with easy add-on storage (more on that part next week).

The sizing for my boards was based on a standard off-the-shelf corkboard, upcycled from an old basic bargain board.  All I wanted for this project was the cork, so it was a win-win.  The pegboards were bought and cut to matching size.  Hubby whipped up some inexpensive wooden surrounds for each board, which I painted black to coordinate with existing design features of the house. Because we "capped" the corners, there was no need for mitring, but this could be easily done with plain mitred frames.  The boards were fitted with wooden backings of equal thickness so that they hang evenly, slightly smaller than the wooden surrounds and painted in wall colour so that their inset edges blend into the shadows when hung. A solid backing was attached behind the corkboard for strength and support, and thick open frames were attached to the back of the pegboards to allow the use of hooks and pegs. The decorative corner "caps" look like hammered metal, but are just thin pieces of painted wood, glued into place and accented with upholstery tacks in contrasting antique copper. Simple, inexpensive, and easy to either reuse as-is or restyle/repurpose if we wish.

Part 2 will share details about the organisers in use, including recycled storage containers, a DIY dry erase board, and more. There are some AMAZING pegboard storage products out there, but there aren't many locally available options and most are either crazy expensive or not so pretty. I'm so jealous...  At this stage, I'm going to use my boards for a while and decide what needs to evolve over time, plus I already know we're moving again and who knows where the boards will be used, in which orientation, or for what purpose at the new house.  Everything on my boards at the moment is versatile and either inexpensive or recycled/upcycled. More next week!

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