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Monday, March 13, 2017

Craft Month: My Favourite Craft Supplies and Equipment

March is Craft Month, and to celebrate Creativity Unmasked will be sharing a peek into my own personal crafty life, from my most used crafts, things I love making, favourite supplies, things that inspire, creative troubles and more.  Craft Month is a great opportunity to stretch your creativity, refresh your supplies (any excuse!), get your craft stash organised, try new things, and to simply have a little crafty fun!

I have a lot of craft supplies squirreled away in my craft stash.  I find it rather hard to resist picking up a few new things here, there and everywhere...although I'm trying! Read more about craft-stash busting and organisation here.  My go-to craft supplies and equipment are rather low-tech (see my note below on cutting machines) and very accessible to crafters of any budget and skill level. Here is a quick overview of some of the most-used items in my current stash:

Note: There are item/genre links (some are affiliate link) throughout this post so that you can see examples of the sort of craft supplies/tools I'm writing about - a picture is worth a thousand words!  You can also find these types of materials in your favourite local craft stores or elsewhere online. You can find out more about our affiliate policies here.

General Purpose:  Without any doubt, the most used item in my craft gear at the moment is the self-healing cutting mat.  I use and abuse it constantly as my work area topper/protector, not just when cutting fabric. It's under just about every craft I'm working on (often seen in pictures here and at Dalmatian DIY).  General purpose supplies like pencils, markers, ink, stamps, paint, brushes, glue, hot glue, etc. are all inexpensive everyday tools and supplies that have slowly built-up over the years. I'm trying to use what I have more often and keep my stash from growing out of control. :)

Sewing:  I currently use a Brother sewing machine - it's not a particularly fancy model, but it's still extremely versatile and works wonderfully for my sewing needs.  If you're only sewing by hand, a needle set, handy pincushion (I made my own), and quality scissors will do the trick quite nicely. Simple, inexpensive, and easy to store away when not in use.  I like having a few cutting options in my stash - a nice sharp set reserved for fabric, general purpose scissors, embroidery scissors for tiny tasks, and pinking shears.  A rotary cutter is also very handy.  Fabric choices depend on whatever I'm making and what's in my stash or on sale at the local shops, but paying a little extra for quality thread or floss is always worthwhile.

Needle Felting:  I use a Clover needle felting pen tool and find it very easy to handle, but you can use a plain felting needle or any tool you wish. My favourite roving is from Ashford, locally produced here in New Zealand. You can find wool roving through specialists, large craft stores, or online.

Paper Crafts: I don't make nearly as many paper crafts as I used to back in the days of paper photos and scrapbooking, but I still love my Fiskar's paper cutters for random paper crafting and crafting. They're very handy for self-print photo projects like framing and decoupage as well.  I do use a lot of scrapbook papers for a completely different purpose these days - photo backdrops! It's a very easy, versatile, and inexpensive option for small scale blog pics. :)

Clay Crafts: I do have a few special tools for clay crafting, which are fairly inexpensive to buy worth having if you're into sculpting with clay (or fondant...), but I also try to show everyday substitutions in my clay DIY posts as well. Toothpicks are particularly handy options, and I always have a few on hand just for crafting purposes. Simple kitchen waxed paper or parchment is helpful for protecting surfaces and cling film is useful when for rolling/cutting.

Jewellery Making: I used to make and sell jewellery, so I have a lot (a lot!) of beads and findings still in my craft stash.  I use basic stackable compartmented plastic storage containers from the hardware store to try and keep them organised in my craft cupboard.  If you're crafting with metal findings, pliers and cutters are essential. You can use general-purpose hardware store tools or jewellery-specific tools. I use a combination of both and own several different shapes and sizes.  A pair of flat-nosed pliers, bent-nosed pliers, round-nosed pliers, and wire cutters are my go-to minimums.  You can buy them individually or as part of a starter jewellery tool kit.

What are your favourite craft supplies?  What equipment could you simply not do without? What's on your crafty wish-list? As always, links to your favourite related crafty ideas and inspirations are welcome in our comments. Creativity Unmasked is a sharing place, so if you've shared your own crafty blog post or have an awesome Pinterest board, dropping your own  link is completely fine. :) If you'd like to leave a live link in Blogger's comments, just use the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a>.

Note: One thing I have resisted (so far...) and so is conspicuously missing from the list above is high-tech print/cut equipment. Not because they don't look awesome  (have you seen some of those Silhouette, Cricut, and similar crafts?) but I've not made the plunge. Things have been evolving so quickly that it's hard to pick the right fit and they're rather expensive to buy in our part of the world so it has to be a carefully considered choice. Maybe for the new craft room in the new house. :)  Do you have a cutting machine?  What is your favourite model and why?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. Update! I've taken the plunge and plugged in!


  1. I so want a cutting machine too!

    1. Dangerously tempting, aren't they? Do you know which model you want? I can't decide which should be on my maybe-someday wish list.


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