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Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Holidays! Christmas Round-Up and Last Minute Gift Ideas

It's our final post of 2016! If you're still frantically finishing your holiday shopping (like me!) here are some gift ideas for the creative/crafter on your Christmas list - find them online or grab inspiration and head to your local shops. If you're crafting your own Christmas pressies or decor, we also have a little recap of some of our recent crafts and DIYs along with our favourite Pinterest links for great craft and tutorial ideas. Have a very Merry Christmas, a fabulous New Year, and we'll see you in 2017!

If you're lucky, you'll know your gift recipients well enough to pick-up a few hints above craft equipment that they've been drooling over or sneakily eyeball for items in their craft room that could use a replace or refresh. You might even be able to lure them into giving you a few clues.  Equipment doesn't need to be limited pricey big ticket pressies - there are lots of little tools that make excellent small gifts or stocking stuffers. Craft supplies are also always welcome in the stash, even if we say we're trying to destash or cut back, we can never really resist new fun things to make with! :)  If you buy something for their favorite creative niche, be it scrapbooking, knitting, painting, embroidery, sketching, sculpting, sewing, baking, or whatever  then all the better!   Not sure what they'd like or might need?  Try a gift voucher for their local craft store - always useful!  Crafty little bits and bobs make excellent stocking stuffers as well.

Crafters are always looking for new ideas, inspiration, and techniques to try, so a magazine or book can be a great gift idea. With crafty magazines, magazine subscription, and/or books there are plenty of options in specific skills/genres as well as general creativity and prices range from easy stocking stuffer to larger gifts. If you know your crafter well, you might be able to buy a gift-certificate for a local class or event that you know they'll be available for and want to attend.  Careful - these sorts of scheduling things can be tricky, so are best kept between besties (or drop your own hints...hehe...). You can also look at online options, like Craftsy, for perhaps a little less personalisation but more flexibility.

Makers really appreciate the time, effort, and skill that goes into a homemade present, so if you're creative yourself, you might like to make a few gifts or perhaps even offer the gift of a lesson, especially if they're always lamenting who they wish they could ____ like you.  If you aren't into DIY gifts or are time-poor (it is getting pretty close!) you can buy handmade instead.  Look at your local markets, an online marketplace like Etsy, or check Amazon Handmade for unique artisan gifts with all the convenience of Amazon's marketplace.

Feeling crafty?  Our DIY posts are all available here, our Christmas themed posts are available here, and we have a whole Pinterest board full of fun festive Christmas DIY ideas and recipes as well as boards with wrapping/tagging ideas, gifts from the kitchen, gifts from the garden, homemade gift baskets + kits, and plenty more creative/crafty Pinterest boards with new pins being added all the time.  If you're a pet owner or have one on your holiday list, you can also swing by our partner blog at Dalmatian DIY for some pawesome holiday ideas.

We're on a blogging break for the next few weeks, but will check in on comments, emails, and social media over the holidays as time allows.  Have a very Merry Christmas and we'll see you next year! 

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