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Monday, October 24, 2016

DIY Felt Frankenstein Catnip Halloween Cat Toy

We've taking a little break in our pre-Christmas DIY gift posts to share the latest in Tiger's year of felt catnip toys.  Since Halloween is coming up, we have a little mini Frankenstein toy. To make your own cat toy like the one shown:

  • Cut a rectangle of green fabric for the head. Trim the bottom edge of the face to slightly round the jawline.  Just a touch - Frankenstein is a square fellow. :) If your felt is big enough, you can fold at the bottom neckline, as shown, and eliminate a seam.  If not, you can use two separate pieces instead.  
  • Cut accent pieces for the face and hair from scrap felt.
  • Sew the face and hair securely into place using complimentary coloured thread or embroidery floss. Sew using black thread or embroidery floss to add a scar.
  • Cut grey felt to create a bolt (optional) wide enough to go all the way through the base of your Frankenstein so that the heads of the bolts stick out the sides. Sew around the exterior using black thread or embroidery floss to artificially add dimension and style to the bolts. 
  • Fold closed, embellished side out, ensuring the bold is positioned at the base of the head. 
  • The exterior of our toy is closed using a blanket stitch - simple sturdy, and perfect for a Frankenstein especially in a nice "scar" stitching colour like black as shown.   Because the botlts protrude through the neck, you can fake the look of  blanket stitching as you secure through the bolts, then carry on with normal blanket stitching to close up  the rest of the head.
  • Sew the bottom of one scoop to a cone. Repeat for the other scoop to the other cone.
  • Pause sewing when you are approximately 3/4 closed.  Add stuffing and (optional) catnip.  If your cat prefers jingly toys, you can sew a jinglebell to the inside before joining.  If they prefer crinkly toys, I have heard people sometimes add a few candy wrappers to the stuffing, but have never tried myself.  Whatever you use, make sure it is safely secured inside!
  • Sew to finish stitching the toy closed, double check that your bolts are securely fixed, trim any threads if/as needed, and enjoy!

As shown in our Easter bunny softie collaboration, simple soft toys can easily be adapted to be larger or smaller for children or pets, so feel free to adapt Tig's felt basics whatever style of creation best suits. I made a big squeaky Frankenstein softie for the dogs - check out the details here.

We made a whole YEAR of simple felt cat toys for sharing with you (and Tig). Christmas is still to come so stay tuned! Meow!  Remember, toys are for playing and playtime is safer (and more fun!) with you involved - see more cat toy tips and safety advice here.  As an extra caution, if your cat is in the company of other animals  or small children, ensure their safety as well. Our dogs LOVE to try and steal the cat's toys, so Tiger's playtime is always interactive with one of us humans, and the toys are stored safely away afterwards. Cat toys could pose a serious choking / blockage hazard.

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