Monday, September 19, 2016

Easy DIY Autumn Leaf Felt Cat Toy

Happy (almost!) autumn to our northern readers!  We shared our autumn leaf cat toy DIY from Tiger's special collection back in February for the start of our southern autumn in a double-feature post along with our DIY spring tulip cat toy - find the detailed instructions here for how to make your own easy DIY autumn leaft catnip toy

We also have instructions to make a stuffed fleece softie autumn leaf on our partner blog at Dalmatian DIY if you're looking for similar toy ideas for bigger pets or wee humans. :)

We have a whole YEAR of simple felt cat toys for sharing with you (and Tig) in 2016, with more new toys still to follow over the coming months. Meow!  Remember, toys are for playing and playtime is safer (and more fun!) with you involved - see more cat toy tips and safety advice here.  As an extra caution, if your cat is in the company of other animals  or small children, ensure their safety as well. Our dogs LOVE to try and steal the cat's toys, so Tiger's playtime is always interactive with one of us humans, and the toys are stored safely away afterwards. Cat toys could pose a serious choking / blockage hazard.

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