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Monday, September 26, 2016

DIY Mason Jar Odor Neutralisers and Air Fresheners

Whether you are doing a fall tidy-up and prepping the nest for chilly months ahead or working through a full spring cleaning, this is the time of year for a transitional refresh. Our partner blog at Dalmatian DIY will be sharing a special pet-friendly house and home mini-series all week, and we're collaborating with Green in Real Life to share our very easy DIY home deoderiser and natural air freshener mason jars.  

You can use any container that allows air circulation for your DIY air fresheners.  My own jars are small mason jars with daisy cut-out lids:  both cute and functional. The jars are completely washable/reusable, a great size for tucking unobtrusively around the house and the lids allow for easy airflow. Since between my clumsiness and our multiple pets there is always a chance of spillage, I've lined my lids with scrap pieces of open-weave fabric for a little extra spill protection without stopping airflow.  You can glue these in place, but to keep things flexible, I simply use sticky putty.  What you put in the jars for deodoriser or scent is all a matter of personal taste.  Create a signature scent, change with the seasons, or mix things up however you please.  Here are a few ideas:
  • Remove unwanted odors with baking soda or charcoal /filter carbon.  The later is my favourite.  It is available in the aquarium section at pet stores, and so much more effective than basic baking soda.
  • Add natural scents with scrap cedar or cedar chips, evergreen sprigs, floral potpourri, dried herbs and/or spices, dried citrus. You can buy these or make your own fresh from the garden using your oven or a  dehydrator (affiliate link).  Bonus, the dehydration process will make your house smell great!  It's a good way to get a little extra goodness out of your flower/herb garden or reduce waste.  You can do lots of things with citrus peel, but if your peel isn't so pretty this is a great use-up option (like my own scrappy peels, pictured below).
  • Add or boost scents with fragrant essential oils.  You can apply the scent to an absorbent carrier object in your jar (such as a wooden block or scrap of fabric) and reapply a boost whenever you wish.
  • Protect against moisture with simple chalk or desiccant packets saved from product packages.  The great thing about chalk is that you can dry it out in the sunshine or a warm oven and use it indefinitely.
  • Protect against pests with naturally deterrent scents and/or oils, such as cedar, eucalyptus, clove, citronella, rosemary, mint, lavender and more.  Find a scent combination that you enjoy and keep the bugs at bay.

What's in my own jars right now?  My hands down favourite is simple scent-free charcoal / filter carbon.  I use this in the refrigerator (so much better than baking soda!) and anywhere I want to keep fresh and odor free.  Because it's unscented, it's great for using near pet resting areas and litter boxes - cats dislike many of the strong smells in chemical or natural air fresheners.  Scents vary. I like relaxing lavender for sleeping areas, but favor vanilla along with fruit or spice smells for living spaces and like to mix things up up for the seasons.  I can't wait for summer and the return of coconut lime vanilla! :)  What are your favourite home scents?


  1. Coconut lime and vanilla sounds amazing! Will have to check charcoal as have only used baking soda. Thanks!

    1. It smells like summer. :)

      As for the charcoal, you will never look back - just remember to keep it well contained as it is very messy when spilled (ask me how I know....haha!).

  2. I don't like strong odours in the home so these natural air fresheners seem a great idea to me - gentle floral garden scents sound ideal. The charcoal in the fridge is genius!

    1. Thanks so much! I can't take credit for the charcoal/carbon - it was a tip from a chef many years ago. I made the switch and have never looked back, although baking soda is still very handy for odors elsewhere (like carpet) where messy charcoal isn't an option and other cleaning jobs.


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