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Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Make Marbled Dough for Cookies and Biscuits

Today's post is part of Humphrey's second birthday bonanza on our partner blog, Dalmatian DIY.  Happy birthday, Humphrey! I love playing with clay and during some recent marbling crafts, I thought it would be fun to apply the same techniques to create a marbled cookie (or in this case...a dog treat!).  It was surprisingly easy and I love the look. I plan on making these for future human parties as well.  You can apply this technique to any smooth rollable neutral-colored cookie/biscuit dough and any combination of colours.  The biscuits shown were made using plain/white, red, blue, green, and yellow tinted dough.  

To make your own, you'll need a smooth pale-coloured rollable dough (for human treats, a sugar cookie dough would be a good base, and for dogs check out our rollable dog treat dough recipes for ideas), rolling pin, cookie cutters, and standard baking supplies. The confetti bites (love!) were made using mini circle cutter plungers.

Since these are dog treats, I used a sour cream and chicken-stock biscuit base, and a combination of food colouring and natural add-ins for each colour in the treats shown, but I also included some extra dog-friendly herbs for taste/smell in the otherwise plain dough base which is why you can see flecks and specks in my dough/biscuits. :) You can tint with food colouring (buy all-natural if you prefer) or add naturally coloured ingredients to your mix. Read more about naturally coloured add-ins for dog treats in this post at Dalmatian DIY.
  • Prepare your cookie/biscuit dough. Separate into smaller bowls for tinting.
  • Select your colour(s) and tint each dough individually.
  • Unlike small batch polymer clay marbling where I  roll and twist canes, a full-sized batch of cookie dough is easier to marble by breaking the dough into pieces and recombining before rolling (as pictured above).  An easy way to do this is to separately roll each colour of dough flat. Place loosely into a pile of flat sheets and rip apart into a pile of small-ish pieces. Not too tiny, else your marbling will be muddy when rolled. Gather the pieces together and squeeze into a loose ball.

  • Roll and admire your lovely marbled dough.  Yeah!
  • Cut into shapes as per normal.  Since reforming and rolling will muddy the marbling, cut larger shapes first and the smaller-pieces from the gaps and any re-rolled dough.  The confetti bites work perfectly.
  • Chill (if needed for your dough/shapes) and then bake according to recipe, taking care not to brown your cookies.  This may require lowering your temperature or shortening baking time. Cooling in the oven can help make things crisper, if needed. 

Dalmatian DIY will be sharing Humphrey's birthday dog party details all this week, including a delicious doggy birthday cake with edible birthday candle treats, and fun DIY dog toys. Visit them out for all the party pics, recipes, and tutorials.

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