Monday, May 23, 2016

Wrapping Pretty Presents with DIY Reusable Embellishments

There is just something special about a beautifully wrapped present, isn't there?  For our northern hemisphere readers, peak wedding season is just around the corner, but pretty presents are in fashion for any season all year round.  Topping a gift with fresh or dried flowers is gorgeous, but sometimes portability, weather, or other factors make this unsuitable. You can easily convert a pretty artificial flower into a reusable double-duty topper in just a few minutes with very basic tools (wire cutters or strong scissors and glue).  Here are a few quick examples:

Starting with a basic artificial flower (stem or bunch):
  • Select your flower and carefully cut the stem just below the flower base. 
  • Carefully remove the flower base and trim the residual wire stem flush, holding the flower so that it doesn't separate. 
  • Glue the flower to ensure it's layers are secure.  You can add greenery, if you wish, or keep the flower plain. 
  • Glue to attach your choice of hardware, such as a hairclip, pin, or bookmark. Allow to set before use. 

Pair with a complimentary ribbon, bag, and/or box for fully reusable wrap. The clips/pins can be snapped securely over the ribbon for embellishments.  Portable, pretty, and green(er) gift wrapping complete!  Card-only gifts work very nicely with an oversized bookmark embellishment for a little extra something special.

Of course, sometimes only the fun of ripping wrapping paper will do, in wish case, look for paper with recycled content and/or that is recyclable if you want to keep things on the greener side. If you are wrapping for less-formal occasion, baby-blankets (my personal favourite for showers!), pretty scarves, and other similar fabric items paired with a ribbon tie make a great reusable substitute for wrapping paper.  You can still use flowers, or customise your look with other reusable embellishments, like holiday ornaments (check out our Christmas green(er) gift wrapping idea post for inspiration) or gift-matching items, such as cute cookie cutters for a kitchen-themed present.  Get creative and have fun!

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