Friday, April 22, 2016

Six for Saturday of Sunday: Rosemary for Remembrance

This week's Six for Saturday post is inspired by the classic rosemary for remembrance, and is also gloriously green for Earth Day. Why not plant (or propagate) some this ANZAC Day weekend, or plan a space if you're still thawing out up north?  It is an easy care plant, propagates via stem cuttings, bees love it, it smells great, and you can eat it: fresh, dried, or frozen!  What's not to love?  Here are some ideas for using your rosemary, in addition to simply eating it straight-up any way you please, of course. :)

Clockwise from upper left:

    Bonus ANZAC Day ideas: We shared a guest collaboration on Monday with instructions for making rosemary wreaths, and also have a whole stack of poppy crafts in our archives if you are looking for some more traditional inspiration.  We are also pinning ideas to our We Will Remember board on Pinterest.

    Bonus Earth Day ideas: Check out our archived posts under topics of interest, like recycling/ upcycling, gardening, plants, flowers, and more for other green(er) DIY ideas. We are also pinning ideas to our Earth Day + Environment board on Pinterest.

    Looking for more creative ideas? You can try the past Six for Saturday (or Sunday) posts, searching the blog under the DIY type of your preference, or I also have a whole board full of of tutorials and DIY on Pinterest along with stack of other creative pins. If you decide to make something fabulous or post something special this weekend, you are welcome to share here in the comments or post something over at Creativity Unmasked on Facebook. We are all about sharing so, on our page, a little bit of self shout-out is actively encouraged.

    Next week's DIY will be shared on Tuesday instead of the 
    regular Monday slot, as we will not be posting on ANZAC Day.
     Lest we forget.

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