Monday, January 25, 2016

Easy DIY Custom Sharpie Marker Pet Bowls (Blast from the Past)

As revealed in our DIY Denim Dog Toy post last week, we're (slowly) working through some of our (and your) favourite old posts from the archive for fresh photos where needed as the final stage of our 2015/16 blog renovations.  This week, we have an updated version of our simple custom pet bowl DIY for you, including a few fresh new design ideas like the heart paw-prints below, just in time for a quick Valentine's Day DIY.  Make your own in just a few minutes!

One of the best things about Sharpie mug/dish designs is their semi-permanence - instead of lamenting the perils of washing it all away if inadvertently placed in the dishwasher, let's embrace it!  If you have a plain pet dish, why not perk it up from time to time with an intentionally temporary face-lift?  Celebrate holidays, special occasions, or just because anytime you like, and then start again! To make your own custom sharpie pet bowl:
  • Buy a plain ceramic bowl (or upcycle an old one from your cupboard). 
  • Wash and dry thoroughly. 
  • Draw your design carefully on the surface using your Sharpie markers. Don’t worry, if you make an error at this stage, you can scrub the marker off your mug with a damp cloth and start again. 
  • For one-time use, once touch dry, simply use as-is.  After use, the sharpie design can be washed off  to restore the dish to plain or refresh with a new design.
  • For indefinite hand-wash use, bake your bowl in a pre-heated oven at 350F/180C for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely before first use.  If you would like to clean off the baked-on  design for a refresh, running through the dishwasher and/or a vigorous hand scrubbing will typically remove all traces of the design.  If you would rather a more durable design, you can buy specialised glass/ceramic paint markers from a number of brands and follow the product directions.



  1. I stumbled across this and really love the suggestion of washing and changing the designs. My kids will really like making special bowls for our cats for holidays and birthdays, but I think they might have even more fun making them for each other! :-) I'm going to pick up some inexpensive plain white bowls and mugs just for them. Just wanted to say thanks for the ideas!

    1. Awesome! :) I hope that you and they have tons of fun!


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