Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Danger...Sewing in Progress!

Regular visitors to the Creativity Unmasked blog will know that I can't really sew.  Sure, a button or a simple stitch, but a brand new pattern to try from Plushka's new DIY line, let's be honest here - sewing a cat toy pretty much maxes out my stitching skills and patience bank these days!  When Katia of Plushka asked me to test drive one of her new kits, I was a little bit nervous.  I love crafting, but haven't really sewed anything for years. I think that Girl Guides or perhaps 4H would have been the last time that I tackled something remotely close to this level of project...and that was a LONG time ago! As a result, I think that my rusty skills provided a really strong test for the kit and pattern usability.  Here goes!

Fortunately, the instructions were super simple to follow.  The pattern and directions were clear and stitching requirements were straightforward.  I did struggle a little with perfecting the "itty bitty bits" for the face, but nothing that couldn't be over come with a few pins and some patience (not my strength...).  The kit materials were generous, with plenty of offcut leftovers for embellishing future crafts or perhaps even a sister doll.

By the time I reached the stuffing stage, I was feeling pretty pleased....well...to be completely honest, I was actually puffed up with pride and self satisfaction. Shhhh... 

The final result?  Not bad, if I do say so myself!  It also makes me want to get back into doing a few more sewing crafts again. After the trial, I would whole-heartedly recommend Plushka's new patterns and kits to anyone looking create a fun softie.  I think that the comprehensive kit and straightforward pattern would be particularly well suited to a novice or young crafter, and this type of pretty creative project kit would be a great present for a tween or creative teen.

Katia, the creative mind behind the Plushka brand and shops, loves designing toys and is working on expanding the selection of softies that you can make with her kits. All of the kit toys take about 2-3 hours to make and are easy hand-stitching projects so that you can include your kids in the process. Want to see more kit trials?  Here are the other blog post dates and links:

Note: Plushka provided the kit for the trial; however, this is not a sponsored post and all the comments are my real and accurate personal opinions after testing out the kit.  Good honest fun! :)


  1. She is wonderful Laura! Your stitches look so neat:) I am glad to hear that your enjoyed making her!

    Thank you so much for participating! x

  2. Your toy looks really good Laura! I love the colours :-)
    I'm glad to hear it was easy, as I'm a novice stitcher too!

    Have a lovely week!
    Sarah x

  3. Katia, I am so please that you think that I did her justice. Your kits have great felt - very soft and easy to work with, which helped a lot with my sewing efforts. I was my pleasure to play tester! :)

  4. Thank goodness I am not the only one, Sarah! Phew! :) I am sure that you will do wonderfully - if I can use the kit, anyone can.

  5. She is gorgeous, Laura!

    I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a photo to share over on my Facebook page - linking back here, of course.

    I'd better get sewing so I have my toy ready in time!!

  6. No problem at all - Creativity Unmasked is all about sharing. :) Thanks for the shout out and good luck with your project - I look forward to seeing your post. ~L

  7. She looks absolutely gorgeous Laura! I love the colours and she is stitched beautifully :-)

  8. So pretty. Beautiful pinks.

  9. The details just make it look so special. I love the lace- so perfect. (I stumbled upon your blog via the linky :)

  10. Thanks! :) I am just back from a break with the family and catching up - I can't wait to check out everyone else's creations later this week! :) Happy easter!


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