Saturday, August 11, 2012

Six for Saturday (or Sunday) - Fun with Fur Friends

Hello and welcome to your weekend!  Here are some great creative ideas, discoveries, links and likes to inspire your creativity, all in a cute and cuddly animal inspired DIY theme for your favourite furry friend.
  1. Craft a new toy for your favourite feline.  Try the BHG felt mice video tutorial (see the finished DIY in claw gnashing action here) or some dapper DIY menswear mice (Martha Stewart).  
  2. Pampered pets deserve posh accommodations. How about making an upcycled suitcase pet bed (Camille Styles) or a customised pillow pet bed (BHG)?
  3. DIY your way to your dog's heart. Bake up a batch of homemade peanut butter doggie biscuits (Pink Pistachio) with one of my own dog's favourite recipes (read more here) or upcycle tattered old t-shirts into a fabulous fun dog toy (Fabyoubliss).
  4. Honour your favourite fur-friend with a custom work of art.  Make your own DIY animal word art silhouette (Creativity Unmasked), a DIY pet portrait (A Beautiful Mess) or custom silhouette canvas (The Space In Between). 
  5. Head out for walkies in style.  Make your own DIY pet collar (b*spoke), upcycle an old belt into pet collar (Ready Made), or make a braided leather leash (Sketch 42).  
  6. Add some beautiful yet practical bling to your pet's "wardrobe" with a handcrafted pet tag (Eagle Rowe) and a cute collar carry-pouch (the b-line).
DIY Pet Craft Round Up for Happy Dogs and Cats! :)

A preview peak at a few of this week's DIY inspiration ideas, clockwise from upper left:
If you decide to make something fabulous, create a treasury, or post something special to your blog, Facebook, or website this weekend, please feel free to share in the comments or post it at Creativity Unmasked on Facebook.  Looking for creative more ideas? Catch last week's post here and I also have a whole board full of of tutorials and DIY on Pinterest. Have a fabulous creative weekend!

NEWS! For tons of fresh new doggy DIY ideas and homemade pet recipes, head to our new partner blog Dalmatian DIY ( and be sure to like/follow for all the latest pawesome ideas!  


  1. {{{ LOVE THIS!!! }}}}

  2. Perfect as always Laura! These are the cutest pet crafts ever!!! :-)


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