Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recipe Round Up - Cupcakes and Pupcakes

These treat recipes are sure to earn four paws up and a lick! Clockwise from upper left: 

Tomorrow is Cupcake Day for the RSPCA and there is still plenty of time for you to get involved in helping all creatures, great and small.  Each year hundreds of thousands of animals turn to the RSPCA for help. The cost of rescuing, caring for, treating and rehabilitating these animals is over $75M per year. As a charity that is not a government agency, the RCPCA rely heavily on the generosity of the community and actually receive less than 5% of their funding from the government.  All money raised during Cupcake Day will go to supporting the RSPCA and animals in their care.  Want to get involved?
  • There are events happening all over the country so keep an eye out for one near you! Look for cupcakes at your local shops, community centres, RSPCA care centers, and all around the neighbourhood.  Local bakeries are often involved as well. There is no better feeling than indulging in a guilt-free charity cupcake...except maybe having two!
  • Host your own Cupcake Day event.  Register here and then get your friends, family or colleagues together to enjoy some baking (and eating!) in exchange for a little donation. It is a great reason for a get together and the wonderful feeling of supporting the RSPCA is sure to last longer than the delicious cupcakes (yum!).
  • Have an unofficial Cupcake Day, and have your own mini-cupcake (or pupcakes...see the recipe round-up above) day at home with your family and then make a secure donation on-line. This is fun and simple way to involve the kids (and furkids) and combine learning about charity with some sweet family fun. Find Cupcake Day team fundraiser sites here or you can make a donation or send an e-card at the RSPCA website and note your cupcake day activities in the donation comments. 

NEWS! For tons of fresh new doggy DIY ideas and homemade pet recipes (like the Strawberry Banana Mint "Pupcake" Mini Muffin Dog Treats pictured below), head to our new partner blog Dalmatian DIY ( and be sure to like/follow for all the latest pawesome ideas!


  1. "Pawesome" post!!! :-)

  2. I love it! Pawsome indeed. :) Check out the follow-on post with Oli's own pupcakes.

  3. Awesome!!! :-) Some of those look like human cupcakes.

  4. I know! Carob in particular smells tempting. When my parents were visiting, Dad was always curious about whether Oli's treats were tasty but didn't least as far as we know! :)


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