Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Pet Word Art Silhouettes

We love our furkids and I really like the recent trends in animal silhouette art.  This DIY from the Creativity Exchange is also on my must-do list in the springtime when the weather is nice for some out-door artistry, but in the interim I was inspired by some of the lovely word-art out there in the creative world to merge the two into a quick and easy but very personal pet silhouette portrait of our pets.  Here is a quick how-to if you would like to create your own:

  • Pet silhouette Free silhouette clip-art is readily available (try Google) or you can use a real photo of your pet to trace, or a skilled drawing ability to draw a silhouette freehand.
  • Art paper
  • Hard lead pencil or a pen
  • Fine tip coloured pencils, art pens, or markers
  • Mat and frame
  1. Resize your silhouettes to suit your framed image size
  2. Print the silhouette onto standard paper.
  3. Add outlines for custom embellishments, such as collars, toys, etc to your silhouette image.
  4. Lightly mark the corners of your art paper using the mat as a template to ensure that the final image fits and is centered when completed for framing.
  5. Place the silhouette printouts on-top of your art paper and trace them with a hard lead pencil or pen, pressing firmly, to leave a slight indentation in the art paper underneath. This will serve as a guide when you do the word outlines.
  6. Using coloured pencils, art pens or markers, "draw" the outline of your pet in words you associate with them, such as nicknames, behaviours, etc.  
  7. Embellish the pictures with corresponding accents in highlight colours to suit either your pet or where you plan to display the pictures.  
  8. Pop your custom artwork into the frames and you are done!
Fun idea: Use colours that suit the colour of your pet (our boys are black and white).  Our dog loves to chase high-bounce tennis balls so his silhouette was picked to be a frolicking pup chasing balls while the cat is chilling out with a catnip goldfish toy. Orange works well for the ball and the goldfish, and I gave them matching blue collars and used a green grassy base to tie the look together.

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  1. Love this! Going to try. :-)

  2. Thanks Laura :-) This looks so easy to do and I really like that it is personal to the person and the pet but doesnt take a lot of skill or money.

  3. I think framing own drawings are a great idea :]

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