If you are an artisan or creative entrepreneur who is interested in a feature or guest post, please contact me - it is absolutely free. Simply send me an email - and if you don't know where to start, see the suggestions below for ideas.  If you are an interested sponsor, advertiser, or other affiliate, see the sponsorship page for details.  Creativity Unmasked customises options for business of all sizes.
  • Simple feature:  Showcase one or two of your creations and a little bit about your shop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shouting "Hey, look at my stuff - its cool too!" and asking me to do a mini feature of you, your creations and/or your links.
  • Feature posts:  Not sure how to get started?  Check out my tips on prepping a press kit and then send me an email for a full feature.
  • Guest post: Introduce your talent in a tutorial, reveal a favourite recipe, or share a guest post on a topic that you are passionate about.  The sky is really the limit - as long as it is creative / indie/ small business friendly, original, and reader appropriate, you are welcome to share.
If you would like to include an item for a giveaway with your feature (or voucher, coupon code, etc) that would be a great way to increase traffic to your post and onwards to your site.  Giveaways here get tons of traffic and can help you build a following or boost traffic to your shop/site