Hey there! My name is Laura, and I am the person behind the posts (well, most of them anyway!) here at Creativity Unmasked. So nice to meet you! Welcome to my personal creative space.  If you're new to the blog you can read all about our terms of use, policies, and disclosure details here. Wondering why Creativity Unmasked exists? Here is a quick introduction for new friends along with a few FAQs:

I love to create, which likely isn’t much of a surprise, given that I am the voice behind Creativity Unmasked. It brings me great pleasure to take something raw - be it beads, clay, paint, whatever - and turn it into something awesome. Sometimes, it's also creating something out of "nothing", as cameras are among my favourite creative tools or turning trash into treats through recycling/upcycling. I decided to start Creativity Unmasked as a means to share my creative discoveries, and it all evolved from there. Thanks for stopping by to visit the blog and I would love for you to follow along here or on Facebook or both! I love comments and read each and every one, so please take the time to say hello or share your thoughts on some of my posts. If you have your own creativity related blog/site and you think that I or our readers might like to check it out, politely dropping your link is a-ok as well. We hope that you visit again soon!
You can also find me blogging at:
as well as guest posting elsewhere from time to time.

Want to work with Creativity Unmasked as a guest, special contributor, sponsor, or affiliate? Please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.  A few other frequently asked questions...

Can I include your post in a round-up?
Absolutely!  I love it when you invite your friends and followers to read our blog! Thanks ever so much. If you'd like, feel free to use one of my photos with a link back to the original post. Please don't copy our post content, direct or paraphrased. Click here to read more about our sharing guidelines and how to Link with Love.  If you would like to share more than one of my images in your post, want to use any other content, or if you have a special request, please email and I will do my best to help. I'm very flexible and PR friendly.

Do you accept guest posts?
We do not actively seek outside content, but we do occasionally accept guest posts.  These are limited to interesting original content from knowledgeable sources that suit our niche content and audience. Additional information is available on our Collaborate with Us page and/or via email.

Can I use one of your photos?
Only if you are using it in direct relation to sharing our content, unless you have requested and received permission for a special purpose. You can read more in our Link with Love section. If you have a special request, please send me email.  I'm very flexible and PR friendly.

Why do you blog?
I ask myself that sometimes!  In truth, its mostly because I like to share and try new things. I really truly appreciate each and every visitor to the blog, your comments, and our interactions on social media.  You make it all worthwhile.  Thank you ever so much!  We do have advertising and affiliates, but that's more of an (someday!) offset than an actual blog income. When you shop via our affiliate links,  we do receive a (VERY!) small commission, but affiliate shopping doesn't change prices at all for the buyer - it just helps you discover fun new things.  You can read more about our terms of use, policies, and disclosure details here.

Who designed your blog and graphics?
I did the design myself. Things are always evolving bit-by-bit around here! The template is a basic free blogger layout that has been incrementally tweaked and customised over the years to suit my needs.  You can message me if you need any details of what/how to help with your own customisations and you can find more details in the Favourite Things section of the blog and you might like to check out our free blog planning printables and blog resources.

Do you take your own photographs for the blog?
I do indeed! :) Most images (excluding the guest posts and round-ups of course) are my own. Any photos that are not mine own will always be clearly credited.

What do you use for  photography and editing?
The camera equipment and software has evolved over the years, but, at present, my go-to is my Canon 5D, and I use Adobe Photoshop for any edits and Picasa for making quick colleges.  Within Photoshop, I do most of my editing manually, but I do love my Topaz tools (especially DeNoise -it's awesome!) and have a number of actions both bought and self-recorded to streamline my workflow. You don't need fancy equipment to take nice photos (although admittedly it sometimes helps) - I love photography and have both the camera gear and software for other purposes.  If you want to explore photography but can’t afford fancy equipment, that’s perfectly okay! It’s your vision and skill as the photographer that matter in making a great photo, whether it’s on a camera phone or DSLR, so play around and keep developing your underpinning photography techniques. I'm always learning! 

What software do you use for design?
I have an Adobe CC subscription and most of my general design work is done in either Illustrator or InDesign. Santa brought me a Wacom tablet and I am just starting to learn how to use it so stay tuned for new shares!

Note: Creativity Masked has recently received a full overhaul. At that time, a significant number of  old posts were removed and/or updated and/or recycled due to outdated content, formatting, links etc. Sincere apologies if you are searching for something and unable to find it. If a search can't connect you to the right content, send me a message and I can help you to redirect or put your request on the to-do / re-do list for a future post.