Monday, May 7, 2018

DIY Easy Envelope Style Velvet Throw Pillow Cushion Covers

Sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference to how finished your space feels or how it all ties together. I recently found myself a little bit stuck trying to tie together some of the grey and beige combinations in our home decor (at least to my eye).  After much searching and a more than a few frustrations, I found some PERFECT grey and beige cushions with just the right shades of each, but I still needed a few finishing touches and simply couldn't find the right shape, style, and shades. So I made them!  It took a few minutes and I used materials already in my crafts stash (a win win given my pre-move stash busting efforts).

I made several easy envelope style cushion covers for throw pillows in the perfect shade of grey for our space, and using them through different rooms further helps tie the look together. Even more so since I used the same beautiful velvety grey fabric as was used to make the dog bed and cat basket cushion inserts. The covers were made with envelope style backing closure, which is is an easy cutting/sewing method plus it's inexpensive and extra soft since there are no zippers.  

The basic method was as detailed in this cushion cover DIY in our archives; however, since I was working with a gorgeous plushy velvety fabric with a little bit of stretch, I decided to make the cases a tight fit (plump plushy pillows) with a slightly long rear envelope flap (extra secure fit).  I also made an extra wide doubled-over rear seam for the exposed envelope flap. This really accentuates the lux feel of the velvet cushion and it echoes the styling used on the pet bed boxing.

I haven't been crafting nearly as much as I would like these days, being preoccupied with moving prep and having much of my crafting materials/supplies packed away, but I'm very glad that I managed to squeeze in this DIY project.  It's a small thing, but makes such a big difference.  I'm alreadt plotting to expand the velvety pillow collection in our new house. So snuggly!  Head to our envelope cushion cover DIY post for all the details on how the cushion covers are made, including cutting/sewing with a single piece of fabric (like these lovely all grey pillows) or using a different feature fabric on the front (like those shown in the DIY post).

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