Monday, April 30, 2018

DIY Custom Iron-Ons with Two Colour Shadow Effect Lettering

It's walkies time! Head over to Dalmatian DIY to see our custom t-shirt collaboration with personalised heat transfer vinyl iron-ons layered to create a nifty shadowing effect for extra (and easy) style.  These doggone great DIY shirts are for pet parents (purrfect for Mother's Day, fabulous for FurFather's Day, or just because!) but the design concept can be easily adjusted to tons of other shapes, sizes, and styles. 

With Mother's Day coming up in a few weeks and Father's Day not long after folks up north (it's in September here), we're sharing our custom heat transfer vinyl pet parent t-shirts over on our partner blog Dalmatian DIY.  The bright blue shirts were bought as part of our dog vision walkies wardrobe changes, so they were the perfect target for some pet parent territorial marking. :)  

I made these first when I got my Cricut as a test for cutting size (little Dalmatian dots) and iron-on material resilience.  I had a multi-pack of different coloured non-Cricut heat transfer vinyl, which was way cheaper but came with the risk of uncertain quality.  Using a small design on inexpensive items that you can use/wear even if things fail is a handy way to test not just the application of a new material but also whether it last well during the long term rough and tumble life of wash-and-wear. Then you can create with higher confidence on more expensive base items, in larger scales, or in more prominent positions.  

What would your pet parent title be?  Dog Mom? Fur Momma? The Dogfather? Poo Slave? Treat Dispenser?  Your dog's Mom/Dad by name?  I'd love to hear it!  I went with "Dali Momma" and "Dali Dad" but the awesomess of having a Cricut is being able to create just about anything you want!

Head to Dalmatian DIY for the scoop on all the DIY details.  As with all of our Cricut crafts, there are alternatives for folks without machine cutters, too.

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