Monday, February 26, 2018

Green and Gold St. Patrick's Day Shaving Foam Marbled Paper

Oh how I love to marble things!  When I did my experiments with simple marbling techniques, I noted that shaving foam/cream marbling was a definite do for my future crafts list.  When I pulled my crafting shaving foam out to try a shaving foam cleaning hack (OMG it does work!), I couldn't put it away without making some pretty papers. 

Shaving foam marbling is pretty hard to mess up and very easy to make a mess with (heheh), but it cleans up easily as long you aren't working on/with anything that could stain and it also makes the whole house smell man-tastic. Easy crafting with readily-available inexpensive materials make this a fun craft for kids (supervision required) or a neat way to create you own custom materials for special paper projects. I have Cricut crafting on the brain and pretty papers are a perfect way to play, especially when they're easy and inexpensive DIY pretty papers.

To create my St. Patrick's Day marbled green and gold paper, I used heavy A3 watercolour artist's paper (the subtle surface works well and it's nice and thick/sturdy for handling), cut into A5 sized quarters. Plain cardstock or other general use heavy weight paper works too. The dye dipping mixture was created with basic budget white shaving foam swirled with green and yellow food colouring (liquid colouring, standard grocery store variety). When I did my initial experiments, I incorrectly assumed that I would need to work quickly before the foam started to destabalise, but I was wrong. That stuff is good to go for ages!  It's a super quick craft no matter what, but there is no need to rush your mixing, swirling, positioning or dip/press. 

Unlike my initial shaving foam marbling experiments, I used the flat side of a knife to scrape the excess away as I found my plastic ruler awkward and too flimsy for a clean sweep. This time around, I also had an old cutting board at the ready for a washable flat scraping surface and fully covered my work area with old tea towels to simplify clean up. I try to avoid using paper towels where possible, so I have lots of rags/towels and paper is reserved for the nastiest of clean-ups (I'm looking at you, Tiger...).   Once the paper was completely dry, I pressed it to flatten out the natural curl-up that happens during the wet/dry process.  

Once dry, it can be used in place of normal ready-made heavy weight papers. Cards, stationary, place cards, and tons of other paper crafts. Your imagination is the limit! If you create a pattern that you really love, you can also photograph or scan it for use as digital art, as an element in in digital design projects, to print on lightweight papers, or to blow-up into a larger art-piece. What am I using mine for? Stay tuned to see one of the creations in our next post!

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