Friday, December 1, 2017

Colourful Chalkboard Garden Markers with Ladybug Accents

It's the first day of southern summer, and today's DIY is a very easy family-friendly craft for creating cute little garden markers. Make them this weekend and plant some quick growing seeds or easy to root cuttings and you'll have a homemade holiday gift ready for Christmas. Yay!

To create you own markers, you will need Popsicle-style sticks, chalkboard paint and a suitable paintbrush brush, and painted ladybug stick-ons. These inexpensive craft supplies are readily available in most craft shops, craft sections of department stores, or online.  The little ladybugs are so cute for plants, especially with kids (or big kids like me), and easy to apply self-adhesive accents are a mess-free was for younger crafters to get involved in making their markers look extra special.  Tips: If your Popsicle sticks are pre-coloured, I'd suggest giving them a light coating with a compatible sealer prior to starting the craft so that the dye doesn't wick, streak, or run during use. If they're plain wood, you can pre-paint them prior to continuing the craft or use au natural.  If you're planting edibles, non-toxic sealers and paints are best.

Before you start crafting, ensure that you have a mess-safe area for painting, with suitable ventilation for your chosen paint product(s). This is especially important if young crafters will be helping out, but paint can be messy for any age and skill level. :) I'm notorious for getting paint on myself!  Follow all of the safety guidance on your chosen paint products as well as product specific coat/recoat times.

  • Optional: Prepare your sticks with any sealers and/or paints (if used). 
  • Paint a strip of chalkboard paint onto the upper ends of your sticks.  Recoat if/as needed. Tip: You can use masking tape, if you wish, but this is fairly easy to freehand...perhaps easier than getting a clean line with masking tape on the wooden surface.
  • Allow to dry completely. 
  • Attach the ladybugs to the garden markers using the self-adhesive backings or a suitable glue. 

It's a simple as that!  Use a chalk pen or piece of sharpened chalk for labelling, and have fun planting.  We have some more fun garden plant and marker ideas coming up, including a special Christmas-themed DIY, so stay tuned!  This post was prepared in collaboration with our partner blog Green in Real Life.

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