Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Crafters and Creatives

Two weeks until Christmas! Eeek!  Does anyone else have some serious shopping still to do?  If you're still frantically finishing your holiday shopping (like me!) here is the 2017 edition of our gift ideas for the creative/crafter on your Christmas list - find them online or grab inspiration and head to your local shops. 

Crafters are always looking for new ideas, inspiration, and techniques to try, so a magazine or book can be a great gift idea. You can look at specific skills/genres or general crafting, and prices range from easy stocking stuffer to larger gifts. As mentioned in our 2016 post, if you know your crafter well, you might be able to buy a gift-certificate for a local class or event but only if you are sure on your recipient's schedule and availability. Online courses are an alternative with less personalisation but more flexibility.

If you can, take a peek in their craft room or snoop for clues about craft equipment or supplies that your crafter might need or need to replace.  I'll often drop some major hints before the holidays (hehe) but if you're in stealth mode, tools that are well-worn and approaching failure are a great indicator as consumable products approaching empty. Have they been grizzling about a tricky problem or pet peeve? Look for a product, tool, or reference to help. Mentioned wanting to experiment with a new medium or technique? Help them take on a new creative challenge with a kit or supplies. Looking for more ideas?  Check out Craft Month: My Favourite Supplies and Equipment for the scoop on what I currently use the most in different types of crafting. Crafting equipment and materials aren't limited expensive gifts options, with lots of little tools and supplies that make excellent small gifts or stocking stuffers. Not sure what they'd like or might need?  Try a gift voucher for their local craft store or favourite online shops - always useful!

If you have a keen crafter on your list who enjoys sharing, gifting, swapping, or selling their creations, ready-to-use or custom labels and stamps are a sweet idea that won't break the bank. Tip: If they're active sellers, try to make sure that the style  coordinates well with their branding.

Makers appreciate the time, effort, and skill that goes into a homemade present, so you might like to craft a gift yourself, or you can shop handmade at your local markets or an online marketplace like Etsy or Amazon Handmade. You can also add a special touch to any present, by dressing things up with lovely wrapping, embellishments, or gift toppers, whether bought or handmade. Bonus points if they can be reused or repurposed.

What are you favourite creative/crafty gift ideas, to give or to receive?  What's on your own personal wishlist for this year?  Santa and his helpers are always looking for fresh new gift ideas and inspiration, so please leave a comment for us and our readers.

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