Monday, April 3, 2017

DIY Easter Egg Boxes with Chalkboard Adhesive + Washi Tape

This easy dress-up of basic oval shaped paper mini gift boxes is a sort of like decoupage, but without the glue, so it's quick, simple, forgiving, and semi-reversible.  Self-adhesive chalkboard paper (so much fun!) and colourful washi tape are easy self-stick "papers" that we've used instead of traditional glue decoupage (like we did here here).  As a result, you can dress up a box in mere minutes with minimal mess and no drying time.

To make your own, you will need kraft paper / papier mache boxes (basic mini ovals were used for these egg shapes), self-adhesive chalkboard paper, washi tape, and cutting tools.  You can do this with simple scissors, but a fine craft knife and cutting mat are handy if you have them.

You can cover as much or as little of the boxes as you wish.  Personally, I think a decorated lid and natural box looks awesome with the right colour combos, but I went all-in for these demo boxes. :) 

With chalkboard adhesive, I find it easier to stick-and-trim (as shown) than to try and get a perfect fit with the adhesive.  It's incredibly easy to use, but a little less forgiving to the slightly irregular lumps and bumps of the inexpensive papier mache base than skimpier paper and malleable glue.  For the lid, you can stick and trim to the edge.  For the box body itself, you can cut a strip of chalboard adhesive to circumference length plus a small overlap, align the edge with the box lip, wrap and stick, then trim the bottom edge if/as needed.

For the washi tape lid trim, alignment with the top edge where it meets your chalkboard (if used) is key to a nice neat finish. You can trim excess from the bottom edge if needed.  If you'd like to use washi tape on the box body (or have a larger box with a wider lid edge), take care with pattern alignment if applicable. You will probably have difficulty getting a "perfect" match all the way around due to subtle variation in the surface, size, and/or seam finish of the box, but it's still worth doing the best you can to line things up.

All done! Sooooo easy!  No glue, no mess, no dry time.  They're all ready for you to fill and/or write on.  If you'd opted to use the chalkboard adhesive, you can use chalks to label the boxes of decorate them as you wish. 

This decoration method is permanent yet peel-able - kind of semi-reversible. If you mess up and want to start again or would like to re-purpose your boxes in the future, unlike glue decoupage or paint, its relatively easy to peel off contact or tape with limited damage. Go slow and take care.  The surface will be marred, but in my experience removal doesn't damage the boxes to a point where you couldn't re-do in different adhesive or switch to glue decoupage if you wish.

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