Monday, March 6, 2017

Craft Month: My Most Used Crafts and Homemade Items

March is Craft Month, and to celebrate Creativity Unmasked will be sharing a peek into my own personal crafty life, from my most used crafts, things I love making, favourite supplies, things that inspire, creative troubles and more.  Craft Month is a great opportunity to stretch your creativity, refresh your supplies (any excuse!), get your craft stash organised, try new things, and to simply have a little crafty fun!

One of the things that I struggle with is that I love to make things, but don't want to fill the whole house up with decorations and nick-knacks. Fortunately, some crafts have been incredibly useful.  A few of my most-used favorites include my DIY needle-felted cactus pin cushion jar (pictured above) which is an integral part of my crafting supplies and my DIY drawstring dog treat bags (pictured below) which I've used one of every single day since making them!

On the subject of bags, my homemade reuseable shopping bags have also be very well used since I made them in my efforts to reduce our household plastic use/waste.  The general purpose tote and heavy-duty tote have definitely made it easier and more comfortable for me to carry more shopping on foot as well. Win-win!

Of course, treat bags aren't the only pet-craft that I find very handy. Things like the DIY patch work recycled t-shirt quilts that I made for the dogs and the matching recycled t-shirt basket cat cushion that I made for Tiger have become part of the everyday landscape of our house. Simple crafts like bound fleece blankets have made it easier to coordinate decor and balance having nice things with having inside fur-kids.  Tiger has his stash of homemade cat toys and the dogs have their homemade toy supply that you can keep up to date with at Dalmatian DIY along with tons of other doggy DIYs and recipes.

Much like the pet crafts, many of my other most "used" homemade items from the past year are passive parts of everyday life around the house, from air fresheners to pillows to pictures to flowers arrangements to art.  Most of these haven't been shared here (yet!), but are on my to-do list for future posts and shares.

What are your favourite crafts? What homemade items have become an integral part of your everyday?  I'd love to hear all about them (and maybe make some for myself too!).  As always, links to your favourite related crafty ideas and inspirations are welcome in our comments. Creativity Unmasked is a sharing place, so if you've shared your own crafty blog post or have an awesome Pinterest board, dropping your own  link is completely fine. :) If you'd like to leave a live link in Blogger's comments, just use the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a>.

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