Monday, March 20, 2017

Craft Month: Creative Trials, Troubles, and Tribulations

March is Craft Month, and to celebrate Creativity Unmasked will be sharing a peek into my own personal crafty life, from my most used crafts, things I love making, favourite supplies, things that inspire, creative troubles and more.  Craft Month is a great opportunity to stretch your creativity, refresh your supplies (any excuse!), get your craft stash organised, try new things, and to simply have a little crafty fun!

What are your biggest creative roadblocks? Obstacles? Frustrations?  When I recently shared a few personal thoughts about blogging and content, I promised to share more of both the good and the bad around here.  In that vein, these are currently some of my personal creative problem areas (ideas and suggestions, as always, welcome!) ... oh yeah ... and there's also a completely unstaged peek at my rather messy craft stash! Open sesame!

A shortage of dedicated of space (and maybe just a few too many craft supplies...heheh...) is my biggest frustration, and that often leads to creative roadblocks as sometimes I just can't be bothered getting everything out and setting up to craft. Anyone else relate?  Since moving to our current house, my craft stash has been bordering on semi-organised chaos. Since I don't have a dedicated crafting space, my supplies are spread between our shared come office/study, a repurposed armoire in the guest room, and other little storage nooks around the house.  That's the armoire above - isn't it pretty? Inside, it's not so pretty but not terrible either - at least I know what I have and where I've stashed it. Ditto for the other little storage boxes and bins around the house.  It's just rather inconvenient to drag it all into and temporarily appropriate the dining table for crafting and then pack it all back up again. In addition any here and how tips, we're moving again soon and I'd love your ideas for my new crafty space!

That's probably a great segue into my next obstacle. Patience is not my strongest virtue...  I'm not drawn to creative projects that take ages to incrementally complete, and not having a dedicated craft space make me want to take on long term projects even less. Who wants to spread it all out, pack it up and, and repeat over and over until complete.  Yuck. That's how half finished projects would crawl into my craft stash to die... so I just don't.

I'm a bit of a treehugger so I don't like making wasteful things and I'm not really a nick-knack person, so one of my big creative obstacles is trying to create things with purpose.  Unfortunately, so everything is useful and trying to be practical can really stifle the fun sometimes!  Somethings are really handy (check out some of my most used homemade items) but many fun-to-make crafts would be just for temporary use, seasonal decoration, etc. Hummmph. What are your favourite crafts and why? Have you created something that you use all the time?  I'd love to hear all about them (and maybe try making them for myself too!). 

Personally, I find that creative inspiration can be tricky. There are so many creative influences and are tons of ideas out there. So many, it's almost overwhelming sometimes. And then I cycle back to my whole practicality obstacle as per above. What inspires and motivates you creatively? As much as it might seem like a bit of an oxymoron, I've been working really hard to just have more fun and do what I enjoy. Here are some ideas to help you stretch your creativity.

What are your biggest creative roadblocks? Obstacles? Frustrations? Have you conquered any or are you still working through?  Do you have any creative tips for me or for our readers?  Please share your thoughts - we'd love to hear from you. As always, links to your favourite related crafty ideas and inspirations are welcome in our comments. Creativity Unmasked is a sharing place, so if you've shared your own crafty blog post or have an awesome Pinterest board, dropping your own  link is completely fine. :) If you'd like to leave a live link in Blogger's comments, just use the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a>.


  1. Finally a blogger willing to admit their stuff doesn't all look like a perfect magazine. :-) Still tidy compared to mine tho!

    1. Even at it's very tidiest, my current craft supply organisation isn't magazine worthy...although my neat freak nature definitely dreams of it! Maybe someday! :)


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