Friday, December 9, 2016

Tiger's Year of DIY Easy Sew Felt Catnip Toys

Over the course of the past year we've been sharing Tiger's year of easy sew DIY felt cat toys for all of our holidays, seasons, and other special occasions/events. Here is Tig with a quick re-cap for  crafty cats plotting to make next year their year of the cat toy and any awesome owners (i.e. cat servants) looking for the purrfect Christmas present that will keep on giving all throughout the year.

Valentine Heart

Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

Spring Tulip

Autumn Leaf

Easter Egg


Winter Snowflake

Summer Ice Cream

Gold Medal

Birthday Present

Halloween Frankenstein

Holly Sprig

How could a cat ever be expected to choose just one?  Decisions, decisions, hording, hording! :)  There are a few extras in our kitty cat collection as well, including a Tig sized version of our Easter Bunny softie dog toy, so do feel free to purrrrrruse all of our cat related posts. The MEOW package was created using a DIY carved paw stamp and a DIY Thicker sticker word stamp. Tig wishes you all a meowvelously Merry Christmas and a very happy Mew Year!

We're on a special holiday posting schedule this month, with a Christmas share for you ever weekday between now and the start of our offline holidays, with DIY decorations, wrapping, treats, and more.  Yay! Stay tuned for more!

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