Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DIY Decoupage Monogram Tags/Ornaments with Glitter "Snow"

To create you own monogram decoupage tag/ornament like those shown, you will wooden craft letters, paint, painting supplies, patterned paper, mod podge, a pin, a skewer or similar, a utility knife, and a little bit of sandpaper. If your ornament base doesn't come with a pre-fab hole, you will also need a drill and (of course) your safety glasses. If you'd like to jazz up the painted edges of your letters with some glitter, you can use a pre-fab glittery Mod Podge or mix your own custom blend using Mod Podge and glitter - see notes below.  

  • Before you start, ensure that your ornament base is clean and free of any little edge defects.  Give it a quick sand and wipe, if needed. 
  • If your shape doesn't come with a pre-fab hole (or a natural hang gap in the letter shape), use a drill to add a small hole before you begin the project.
  • If you'd like to prime and/or paint any/all of your shape at this stage, ensure that it is completely dry before you start the project. Note: Since we're planning to sand the edges later in this craft, your exposed edges will need retouching. If you are going for snowy glitter like ours, use a white paint for your base.
  • If you are making multiple letters, take a little time to plan the best layout for your letters and chosen paper pattern(s).  If you are going to decoupage both sides, remember that some letters are fully reversible while others are not, so you will need to factor this into your cutting plans and paper choices.

  • Carefully cut your paper letters so that they cover the top of your wooden base just to the edge. Check, check, and recheck before you start to glue anything into place.
  • Starting with one side of your letter, carefully glue your paper into place with Mod Podge, working outwards from the middle of your piece and then progressing to your sides so as not to trap air bubbles and wrinkles.
Tips: A basic brush and your hands work just fine for this little project, but there are all kind of Mod Podge tools available if you are keen to do more decoupage in the future.  Check out the handy tips from Mod Podge Rocks for extra decoupage advice.
  • Allow your Mod Podge to dry for 15-20 minutes, and then add a top coat and allow it to dry.  
  • Using a pin, carefully press it through the hole from the back of your letter to the front to prick a small guide hole.  Using the pointed end of a skewer or similar, carefully press from front to back to open the hole and push in the paper without tearing past the edge of your hole.
  • Add another top coat, making sure that the hole is coated but not filled (use your skewer to clear it if needed) and allow to dry. Repeat as many times as you wish.
  • Repeat the decoupage process for the other side of your letter. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  • If you make any little edges sticking out that could use a trim, carefully trim them with your cutter. Cut, don't pull, else you may tear the decoupaged paper. 
  • Give the edges a very light sand, rubbing just the edge of the paper on the outside edges of the letter, from the top down on each side.  This will scuff the edges of your decoupaged photo to help it blend into the ornament.
  • Carefully paint (or retouch if you pre-painted) the edges with paint if/as needed.  Allow to dry. If you are going for snowy glitter like ours, use a white paint for your base.
  • You can pick up some pre-mixed Mod Podge glitter for this craft or mix your own custom blend. If you are using homemade, mix a little Mod Podge and glitter together. If you want a super shiny result, use gloss Mod Podge.  If you want a more subdued glitter effect like fake snow, you can use a matte Mod Podge.  I was going for the latter, so used a combination of fine and normal glitter with the matte Mod Podge:

  • Brush your glitter Mod Podge onto the edges of your letters. Repeat if/as you wish.
  • Add a final top coat or sealer to your ornament, making sure the edges are sealed and you glitter is well fixed.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

We're on a special holiday posting schedule this month, with a Christmas share for you ever weekday between now and the start of our offline holidays, with DIY decorations, wrapping, treats, and more.  Yay! Stay tuned for more! 

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