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Monday, June 27, 2016

Easy Envelope Style DIY Cushion Covers

In coordination (literally) with this week's special series on pet beds at Dalmatian DIY, we're sharing a very easy how-to on making envelope style pillow/cushion covers. Pet beds can be cute, complimentary, contrasting, or whatever style you please; however, if you are placing it in a dominant position, as we were in a natural focal window (picture below), then coordinating with decorative pillows is an easy way to keep things feeling cohesive. Envelope pillows so easy to DIY. You can make one in minutes.  I have them all over the place and change them if/as I please. 

The finished case will need to accommodate the bulk of your pillow, not just flat dimensions so include an allowance for loft depending on how plump you'd like the filled pillow to look/feel.  How much rear overlap is personal choice; however, for a nice secure envelope, I like my cases to have a back flap that is almost the full size of the pillow plus an overlapping closure that covers between 1/2 and 3/4 of the back.

Basic Envelope-Style Pillow/Cushion Cover
  • Cut fabric to size. For a basic envelope, it will need to be large enough to fit around your entire cushion once and overlap at the rear (plus seam allowances).  See notes.
  • Finish the raw top/bottom edges, as these will be exposed for the rear flaps of the envelope.
  • Fold the fabric into the case, pattern-side in:
    • Leaving the front-side face down, fold the back overlap flap up, and pin to secure.
    • Fold the full-back flap down and pin to secure.
    • Double check all measurements and ensure your folds are square.
  • Sew the sides together along the seam allowances. 
  • Inverse through the rear flap gap to right-side (pattern) out and insert pillow.

Front Panel Envelope-Style Pillow/Cushion Cover (As Pictured)
  • Cut fabric to size. For a front panel cushion cover, you will need a front and back panel, plus an additional panel to overlap at the rear (plus seam allowances).  See notes.
  • Finish one edge of your back panel and back overlap panel for the exposed edges of the rear envelope flaps.
  • Assemble your panels, pattern-side in:
    • Place the front panel pattern side up. 
    • Lay the back overlap panel on top, pattern side down,  raw edge aligned to the raw edge of the front panel and finished edge towards the center. Pin to secure.
    • Place the full back panel on top, pattern side down, raw edge aligned to the opposite raw edge of the front panel. Pin to secure.
  • Sew all four exterior edges together along the seam allowances. 
  • Inverse through the rear flap gap to right-side (pattern) out and insert pillow.

If you are working with washable fabrics to make a washable cover, wash, dry and iron prior to making your case to reduce the risk of shrinkage issues later.  If you have a ravel-prone fabric, when your case is sewn, you may also wish to trim and overlock/finish the internal raw edges before inverting to help hold up stronger over repeat washings.

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