Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Fourth Be With You! Star Wars Day DIYs

In case you feel like getting into the spirit of Star Wars Day for May the 4th, here are some last minute DIY ideas, just for fun. On the subject of just for fun, take a second to drop by and visit the dogs at Dalmatian DIY on Facebook or Twitter for some Star Wars Day silliness that you won't want to miss. :) I simply couldn't help myself!  

From upper left:
Bonus Inspiration: Everything Etsy has a collection of free printable colouring pages if you need a quick fix of the creative force!
For some space-inspired crafting a little closer to home, check out Monday's DIY polymer clay solar system necklace tutorial. You can, of course, adapt your planets to something a little more likely to be seen in a galaxy far far away if you prefer. Have a fun an creative day and May the fourth be with you!


  1. The dogs!!!! :-)

    1. I know! :) Oli is a great poser, but Humphrey doesn't like to stay still for long. I couldn't help myself. Hehe.


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