Friday, April 15, 2016

Quickie Poppy Craft: Artificial Flower Hack

I kind of hate the term "hack", but since this quickie craft involves literally hacking apart an artificial flower with scissors, I relented...just this once.  Artificial poppies are often difficult to find and can be pricey. I also find that, although gorgeous, the nicer poppies are too big for many smaller crafts.  This simple craft lets you turn any bargain-shop red petalled artificial flower into an army of poppies for mere pennies, which is particularly great for crafting with kids or making a batch of small pressies for friends.  You will need an artificial flower, wire cutters or sturdy scissors, felt, and glue.

  • Cut the flower head from its wire stem.
  • Remove the plastic attachment which secures the compoents of the flower.
  • Disassemble the flower into its base components. 
  • Select a flower petal circlet to form your poppy. Optional: Select a leaf or two from your artificial flower stem for use with the petals. Tuck any useful leftovers into your craft stash for future crafting.
  • Cut a small circle of black felt to size for a center. Black buttons work nicely as well.
  • Glue your petals center, and (optional) leaves together to form your poppy.  Allow to dry/set before use.
You can, of course, skip the flower hack and DIY your own poppy parts from paper, felt, or whatever you please (check out the other poppy craft ideas in our archives); however, this is so quick and easy, and looks great! The artificial petals and leaves are pretty and give great the poppies a realistic colour, tone, and texture, yet are supple enough to stand up to flexible (like my bookmark).  These would be super cute on a child's hairclip or elastic.

What's that interesting looking dog and soldier book that you can see in the background of the photo above?  It is Saving Private Sarbi by Sandra Lee, the true story of Sarbi, an Australian Army explosives detection dog who went MIA during combat in Afghanistan and survived on her own for over 13 months before being reunited with friendly forces. It's on my ANZAC Day reading list. 

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