Monday, March 21, 2016

Pretty (Delicious) Petals - Edible Flower Recipe Inspirations

Happy spring to our lovely readers up north!  Edible flowers are a beautiful way to dress-up your dishes, and can be easily mixed into your home flower garden or co-panted with your veggie patch to add a pop of pretty colour and help bring in the pollinators.  Growing your own (or sourcing from a trusted supplier) will help to ensure you are easing safe and untreated blooms. Some flowers taste like their savoury edible parent plant, such as allium (garlic, onion, chives, etc) and basil, while others are adventurous surprises.  Here are some beautiful edible flower recipes to inspire your creative cooking and perhaps a few of your spring garden planting choices, too! 
Clockwise from upper left:

Clockwise from upper left:
We have many edible parent plants in our patch, as well as classics like pansies, nasturtiums, and lavender. Personally, I haven't been adventurous enough to go beyond the simple decorative topping or easy ice-blocks yet, but am definately feeling inspired after browsing through these creative cooking efforts.  If you have a favourite edible flower, recipe suggestion, or cookbook, feel free to share it in the comments. If you'd like to share a live link, it's simple to do in blogger comments using the following format as a guide: <a href="">text you want shown for your link</a>  

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