Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DIY Polymer Clay Marbled Clay Earrings

These marbled polymer clay egg earrings are a cute way to wear a subtle touch of Easter flair, but versatile enough to wear any time of the year.  They are a quick and easy craft, and you can customise to any colour scheme you like - I went with classic eggshell blue and a turquoise inspired marbling. To make these earrings, you will need clay in the colour(s) of your choice as well as a few basic jewellery-making supplies and you can easily apply the same technique to create a pendant. You can go plain or speckle with ink after baking if you prefer - just skip the marbling steps.

  • Trim two eye pins to suit your egg size.  You can trim and insert straight, as shown, or for a stronger hold, leave it a touch longer and create a loop or zig/zag for added grip.
  • Select your clay colour(s) and work a small quantity of each clay in your hands until conditioned to a soft and pliable state for working. 
  • Roll a small thin cane of each colour.
  • Twist the canes together.
  • Bend the twisted cane into a loose ball and divide into two halves.  I often roll clay when marbling, but found (the hard way...) that doing any extra working and combination at this stage resulted in muddy marbling once I formed the eggs.
  • Roll each half into a ball (marbling will blend in the process) and then elongate to an egg shape.
  • Gently insert the cut end of your eye pin into an egg and carefully smooth insertion point if/as needed (a toothpick can be handy for this detail task). Repeat for the second egg. 
  • Bake to manufacturer's directions for your chosen clay and cool completely before continuing to attach to earring ear wiresIf using a glaze (optional) apply prior to attaching your earring hardware.
  • Use small pliers to open your ear wire loop to the side, the same way you would a jump ring. Always open/close sideways, never pull apart. Slip the eye pin loop onto the earring, taking care to ensure your bead is facing pattern-out for wear. If you would like a little more dangle, you can attach via jumpring(s) or small length of chain.

Note: There will be no Six for Saturday post this coming Friday (Good Friday).  Happy Easter to those of you celebrating and we wish everyone a lovely weekend. Enjoy the extra long weekend to those who are enjoying some stat holidays! See you again next week!


  1. You make it look so easy!!! Is that glitter in the clay or did you coat the eggs in something? Going to try making our own with my daughter (she's 12) and her cousins while they visit for Easter weekend. Wish me luck!

    1. It looks easy because it is. :) My only caution would be to be careful not to overmix as it can get muddy, especially when you are making tiny little crafts like these eggs.

      Some of the polymer clay I used for was pearlised, which is why it looks a little sparkly in the close-up images. They are way larger than life, and it is less visible in reality. If you want some sparkle but are using regular clay, you can use a touch of mica, glass glitter, or even eyeshadow (see our Shamrock earring DIY for an example) to get a touch of shimmer.

      Good luck crafting and Happy Easter!

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