Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Homemade Popsicles Any Which Way You Like!

It is the first day of summer here and here is a cool collection of ice pops and popsicles for my southern readers and those of you up north who are lucky enough to be enjoying some lingering warm autumn weather...although never let the weather get in the way of a good ice cream! The round up includes both indulgent and healthy ideas, so you can be naughty or nice! Many of these recipes are dairy free and most can be easily be created gluten free (or vegan) by ensuring you are using confirmed free products and/or making some simple substitutions. The last collection is for grown-ups only, but you can omit/substitute the booze to make the alcoholic "poptails" into non-alcoholic treats....or vice versa!

From upper left:

From upper left:

 From upper left:

Got a craving?  Leave us a comment/link or share it with us on Facebook and we'll add it to our Tasty Tuesday list for future posts. Yum!  Have a Tasty Tuesday and a delicious week!

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