Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas - Green(er) Creative Gift Wrapping

Note: This is our final post for the year at Creativity Unmasked before taking a break to focus on our guests, family, and friends. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will sneak back with a New Year's treat for you, but other than that we shall see you again in mid-January! Have a wonderful holiday season!

What better way to wrap up our 12 Weeks of Creative Christmas than by wrapping up literally? I love giving (and getting) beautifully wrapped presents - it makes them all the more special.  Our family is trying to be more environmentally conscious, but green(er) gift wrapping doesn't mean you can't have pretty gifts.  Traditional gift bags and gift boxes are convenient and easy to reuse multiple times, just remember not to ruin them with sticky labels - cut your own tie-tags from some nice paper or try some of the awesome free printable tags out there. Useful wrapping, like fabric bags, baby blankets (my personal favourite, especially for baby showers), scarves, napkins, tea-towels, jars, baskets, tins, boxes, or raw materials like fabric all make beautiful options, and the wrapping is a bonus part of the present. This works particularly well for themed gifts.  Bonus if you are crafty enough to make your own custom Christmas paper and fabric creations for gifting.  Here are some creative ideas, as shown above:

From upper left:

Many embellishments and ribbons can be reuseable or repurposed too: pretty ribbons, candies, holiday ornaments, broaches, blackboard tags, cookie many options! Edible embellishments like candy cane and personalised cookies are always fun, or a simple little spring festive of greenery looks great, too.  Simple and rustic brown paper looks particularly pretty when dressed up with some stylish tags and/or embellishments. If you are keen to create, craft, and recycle/upcycle your own embellishments instead of buying them, here are some cute creative ideas:

From upper left:

Of course, sometimes you just NEED to have a little bit of old fashioned rippy wrapping, don't you?  It's part of the fun!  If you are buying paper and cards, you can look for green(er) sources, post-consumer content, and/or pick materials compatible with your local recycling system. For many systems, standard wrapping paper is a-ok, but avoid glittery paper, foils, and metallics.  Confession: We wrap not only our human gifts, but also our dogs' Christmas presents (no embellishments though). They LOVE ripping, and sometimes get a little too excited about helping with ours too!  If we receive kraft paper parcels or bags, I like to save that and use it for their presents.  Newspaper (our weekly local paper is delivered free to every house with no opt out) gets used as well, but it's a bit messier than the kraft paper.  The dogs (any anything around them!) tend to get a bit inky...last year was a very smudgy Christmas :)  You can also make or print your own patterned using greener paper and products. If you don't want to start from scratch, there are some fun printable papers available for free on-line, as well as labels and tags.  You can also repurpose and embellish newpaper, kraft paper, butcher's paper or similar for a crafty custom wrap.  Here are some ideas: 

From upper left:

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