Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Recipes of Remembrance

There is so much excess and waste in many of our lives these days that it is difficult to imagine the hardship of wartime rationing and shortages.  Not in any way diminishing the hardship of the times, there is much to learn much from the anti-waste campaigns (truly fascinating history), the concept of the victory / home food garden, and you have to respect the ingenuity of wartime substitutions and recipes. This week's post explores some modern experiments with wartime recipes:

Clockwise from the upper left:

Of course, in this part of the world, ANZAC Day is the primary day of remembrance for many, marking the anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli one hundred years ago on 25 April 1915. In those days, care packages from loved ones had a long slow sea journey, and the ANZAC biscuit was developed to travel well and stay edible.  It is my photo below, but I'll refer you to the ANZAC Day website for the full history and their classic ANZAC biscuit recipe.  As an added little bit of Tasty Tuesday trivia, another iconic local favourite was also born from wartime shortages.  Our infamous Vegemite was created when WWI disrupted availability of Marmite from Britain and an Australian company set about developing their own nutritional brewer's yeast spread. In fact, it was so popular Vegemite required domestic rationing during WWII to ensure that production could meet military requirements.

Lest we forget.


  1. Hi Laura, thank you for sharing these! I have just finished reading "All the Light they Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr and "Life and Fate" by Grossman; both books are about WWII. They gave me a lot of food for thought... And I have always hated waste. Since I come from Soviet Union, I know quite a lot about hardships of the war time from my family. My relatives always hated the idea of wasting food, they considered it very valuable. So, I will take a very close look at those recipes, I think I might like the potato biscuits.

    1. Thanks for sharing that comment, Eugenie - I love hearing about how we are all so different and still the same. My childhood on the other side of the world was very different, but was still always told to "waste not, want not". Some of the blogs that I shared in the post have a tried a number of different rationing recipes and there are also articles/exhibits with images of old original government/company recipe pamphlets and booklets available online. There are probably some great Russian posts and articles out there too. Do share if you discover something delicious. :)

    2. I am still browsing all this wealth of information! And I will definitely share whatever interesting I might find on the topic.


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