Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Creative Recipes for Leftover Halloween Treats

Whether you had fewer trick-or-treaters than expected, overstocked the treat basket, or (like me!) bought mini snacks just because it isn't Halloween without them knowing full well that you weren't going to have any trick-or-treaters (admission is the first step...), this post is for you!  While it is pretty tempting to binge watch your favourite show with a glass of wine and bowl of treats (no judging at all, in fact, here is a handy reference chart for pairings), here are some alternatives for upping your treat game.  If you can manage to stash them away for a little while, fun sized treats are excellent fillers for holiday countdown and advent calendars, and are a fun way of padding out Christmas parcels for the post (way better than foam peanuts!).

From upper left:

Some candies, like candy corn or autumn-hued treats like Reese's Pieces (haha...like there would ever be any left uneaten!) make for fun Thanksgiving recipe options for those of you who will be celebrating later this month.  Here are a few ideas:

From upper left:

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