Monday, August 10, 2015

Fun Feathered Friends - DIY Feather Cat Toy Ideas

Monday? Funday! Did you celebrate International Cat Day with your pets on Saturday? It was a wet and stormy day here, and so our cat was happily snuggled up and snoozing in his favourite basket for most of the day.  Lucky fellow!  It is not too late to show your kitty a little belated love. How about a new toy?  Anything with feathers is always popular here!
Remember, toys are for playing and playtime is safer (and more fun!) with you involved - see more cat toy tips and safety advice here.  As an extra caution, if your cat is in the company of other animals  or small children, ensure their safety as well. Our dogs LOVE to try and steal the cat's toys, so Tiger's playtime is always interactive with one of us humans, and the toys are stored safely away afterwards.

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