Wednesday, July 8, 2015

{RECIPE} Round Up - Cooking Homemade Treats for Kitty

I am the first to admit that our dogs get a lot more of my time in the kitchen than the cat.  It is not for lack of kitty love, but a combination of our cat's picky tastes and general feline nutrition.  Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that eating a meat/protein based diet is a biological necessity. They don't need to eat other foods, such as carbohydrates or vegetables, and their bodies aren't built to digest them with full nutritional benefit. That doesn't mean they can't eat non-meat foods, but moderation is best - especially for kitties with sensitive tummies. I have been keen to come up with something that Tiger will really enjoy (I will share the details if we do) ever since he went wild over the smell of the dog's Tuna Shortbread Cookies while they were cooking and cooling.  Here is a round up of inspirational cat treat recipe ideas, and if you have one your cat loves, please share it with us!

Update: I inadvertently discovered a VERY easy DIY treat that Tiger absolutely loves!  He often sniffs around the dog's homemade treats and occasionally even gives them a tentative lick, but never really indulges...until he discovered jerky! Since our simplest dog jerky recipe includes only meat, it's healthy for him too (cat's are obligate carnivores by nature). Check out the full details at Dalmatian DIY for how to make your own healthy homemade dog/cat jerky treats:

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