Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Help Wanted: Creative Storage for Craft Rooms and Studios

Have you ever searched for craft room ideas? I have, and am suffering from a serious case of craft room envy at the moment. Dreamy spacious places with bountiful storage....ahhhh...bliss. Sadly, that is not my reality!  As regulars here know, the blog was offline for an extensive period, and we have moved several times during the gap. Most of my craft supplies are still boxed awaiting their new (for now) home, and our home office aka studio aka craft room is ready to be furnished and unpacked. 

I would love your help!  I am looking for ideas and would be every so grateful for your ideas and any links you would like to share in the comments (or on our Facebook page). 

Like most folks, I have plenty of space constraints to work around. I also like to keep things accessible but tidy (a safety necessity with our young puppy - you can meet him here). Unfortunately, with the exception of tight-to-wall ideas, things need to stay at or below desk height due to windows, closets, doors, etc. Portability is also important, given how often we move. All things combined, that makes figuring out where/how to store my crafty bits and pieces pretty tricky. Ideas would be greatly appreciated. As always, Creativity Unmasked is a sharing place, so dropping your own blog link is completely fine. :)  I will (of course) share some of the outcomes with you, as well as round-up some of my inspirations and discoveries along the way, including inputs from you.  Thanks for helping!

My untidy moving Boxes made for a pretty poor photo op, so I dug through my archives for a craft supply snap to make sure that this post at least had something to be a temporary least for now!


  1. Do you have room for an ikea cube shelf under the desk? They are create for storing things and you can use boxes or baskets to keep them away from the dogs. If not, maybe you can get a rolling file cabinet under there? I can't wait to see what you come up with for your room! :-)

  2. I wish that I did have room for cubes, Julie, but sadly not. :( We do already have built-in style square book cases by the window (the only "wall" space available), but they are already over-full with books and such so I can't steal them for my crafts. Rolling cases/cabinets might be good if I can find some to fit. Thanks for your ideas! I really appreciate them.


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