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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Six for Saturday or Sunday - Kitty Cat DIY

You are quite right...Tig does not get the same social media airtime as Oli; however, our crazy kitty cat is not a social animal. In all fairness, he does enjoy a good cat toy from time to time, so this DIY post is dedicated to Tig and cranky cats everywhere looking for a good time. :)

  1. Feather cat toy (Martha Stewart)
  2. Cat scratching pad and play-toy (Design Sponge)
  3. Felt cat toys (Heavily Edited)
  4. Cat play station (Lowes)
  5. Recycled thread spool play-toys (ModernCat)
  6. Suitcase bed, fit for a fussy feline (Camille Styles)
Looking for creative more ideas? Try the past Six for Saturday (or Sunday) posts, searching the blog under the DIY type of your preference, or I have a whole board full of of tutorials and DIY on Pinterest.  If you decide to make something fabulous, create a treasury, or post something special this weekend, you are welcome to share in the comments or at Creativity Unmasked on Facebook

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