Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Easy DIY Button Ring

If you need a quick present, a fabulous finishing touch for  a special outfit, or are simply looking for a fun craft to try, then this VERY easy button ring DIY is perfect for you!

You will need:
  • Flat-topped ring blank
  • Multi-material super glue (e.g. E600 or similar for working with jewellery of this type)
  • Flat backed buttons of your choice (See tips below regarding shank buttons)

Simply wipe your buttons and base clean, dab a touch of glue on the flat pad of the ring blank, center over the blank and then gently press your button into position.  Allow to dry thoroughly (will depend on your choice of glue) and enjoy! This was unbelievably easy!  Note: I opted for two complimentary coloured buttons as shown for my ring instead of a single button.  The only difference is that you will need to repeat the glue and press steps for each layer.  If you are brave and steady handed, you can do your layers without drying the bottom button first - I did. :)

If you are IN LOVE with a button that has a shank instead of a flat back, you can carefully remove the shank using a button shank remover tool or a general purpose wire cutter, then file if needed.  It takes a little extra effort, but opens up a whole new range of styling options for your jewellery making.  When this post was originally shared, button jewellery was very trendy, but fashions come and go.  The front of a shanked button doesn't have a telltale button hole and can make beautiful accessories that you would never guess started their life a basic button. It just takes a little extra prep work. :)

You can easily use this simple glue technique to create custom jewellery and accessories using other flat blanks, such as bobby pin blanks, earring blanks, etc. Make sure that your blank is flat, not bezeled or embellished in a way that will interfere with a good solid connection for your button (or other topper).

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