Saturday, September 8, 2012

Six for Saturday (or Sunday) - Spoil Yourself a Little!

This week's Six for Saturday (or Sunday) post is all about spoiling yourself with a little bit of bespoke and indulgent DIY. Here are some great creative ideas, discoveries, links and likes to inspire your creativity, and treat yourself in the process.  Go ahead - you deserve it!

  1. Smell has amazing powers to trigger emotions and memories.  Experiment with your very own custom perfume blend to create something completely "you" using the DIY perfume blend tips from EcoBites.  You can also use a similar approach to create custom scented oils for your home.
  2. Did you know that, like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two lip prints are alike?  Protect your pucker by making yourself a batch of DIY lip balm (Curbly) or luscious lip gloss like the DIY organic cranberry lip gloss (Organic Authority) or the decadent DIY mint chocolate lip-gloss (food + words). 
  3. In addition to smelling lovely, lavender has been used over the years and in current natural-medicine to treat anxiety, depression, exhaustion, insomnia, headaches, and a very long list of other afflictions. Make yourself a simple set of DIY lavender sachets (Martha Stewart) and tuck one into your pillow case or use them in your linen cupboard to scent your bedding for an extra relaxing night's sleep.
  4. Why not take your aromatherapy a step further and make yourself some custom scented bath salts?  It is very quick and simple - check out this DIY bath salt how-to (Vegan Beauty Review).
  5. You eat with your eyes first, so take a few extra minutes to turn a meal into a masterpiece within the comfort (and budget friendly location) of your own kitchen. Spring flowers can be more than pretty - they can be tasty and nutritious too!  Make yourself a a plate of pretty, like this Spring Salad (taste), sugar edible flowers (Canadian Gardening) and use them to top your dessert, or freeze them into floral ice cubes (see some inspiration at paperdoll).
  6. If you missed my posts earlier this week, why not try making your own Scrabble Tile Sharpie Mug DIY (from me via Plushka) and then fill it with an indulgent specialty coffee or maybe even a cup of cake!
Looking for creative more ideas? I have a whole board full of of tutorials and DIY on Pinterest.  If you decide to make something fabulous, create a treasury, or post something special to your blog, Facebook, or website this weekend, please feel free to share in the comments or post it at Creativity Unmasked on Facebook


  1. These are all so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! I also love trolling through the Soap Deli News for ideas to try so thanks to you too!


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