Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simple DIY Sharpie Pet Bowl

Update: We revisited this popular DIY as part of our 2016 "Blast From the Past" archive refresh. Head to our Easy DIY Custom Sharpie Marker Pet Bowls update for new design ideas. For old times sake, we also made Tig another pitter-patter pawprint name bowl to photograph for the post refresh. :)

Love the popular (and easy!) Sharpie mug DIY projects recently?  This cool-cat craft takes the same methodology to create a custom pet bowl. I was a guest at the Plushka blog, where the lovely Katia shared my DIY Scrabble Tile Coffee Mug and the general instructions for this craft are the same simple steps.   Such a stylish cat!  :) The verdict?  Tig thinks his new dish is puuuurrrfect.

  • Buy a plain ceramic bowl (or upcycle an old one from your cupboard). 
  • Wash and dry thoroughly. 
  • Draw your design carefully on the surface using your Sharpie markers. Don’t worry, if you make an error at this stage, you can scrub the marker off your mug with a damp cloth and start again. I opted for Tiger's name along with a pitter patter trail of pawprints around the rim with a pop of striped colour, but you can personalize however you wish.
  • Once you are happy with your final design, bake your bowl in a pre-heated oven at 350F/180C for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely before use.  

Wash-Up Note: This DIY is not dishwasher safe. Some folks have reported problems with sharpie DIYs - perhaps differences in dish finishing, process, markers, who knows! Both my mug and Tiger's bowl mug seem to handle handwashing a-ok.If you would rather a more durable design, you can buy specialised glass/ceramic paint markers from a number of brands and follow the product directions. For tons of fresh pet DIY ideas and homemade pet recipes, head to our new partner blog Dalmatian DIY (http://dalmatiandiy.blogspot.com) and be sure to like/follow for all the latest pawesome ideas! 

NOTE: Many older posts were removed in 2015 during a major blog redesign due to missing images, broken, links, etc. Some of the most popular posts, like this one, were given a quick update so that they could stay live for you to enjoy and try for yourselves. Apologies for any inconvenience!


  1. My other half put Tig's dish through the dishwasher during the Christmas holidays, proving that the baked sharpies aren't dishwasher safe. :( The design is still largely intact, so it can be recovered with a touch up, but let this be a reminder to handwash your sharpie creations! ~L


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