Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eleven Easy Ways to Boost Your Business
  1. Have a brand, not just a product, and make sure that you accompany it with great customer service so that your brand gets remembered for all of the right reasons.
  2. Have great photos of your creations that encourage people to look at more of your items and eventually find that one they just have to buy!
  3. Create a Facebook Page and network with friends, customers and fellow creatives. If you are interested in trying out some relatively new territory, why not give Google+ a try as well?
  4. Tweet up at storm on Twitter, but please don't make it a constant spam timeline of your latest listings.  Social networks are about being social, so try and maintain a balance between chatter, your shares and sharing on behalf of others.  To get started, check out this Twitter guide.
  5. Start your own Blog on a free platform and share your creations, creative process etc to build a web presence as well as show some personality behind the products.
  6. Get featured.  Ask for a feature (or offer to write a guest post) from a friend or a favourite blogger. Remember to be gracious if a blogger declines and to share the word if you do get featured - it is good for both you and your host.
  7. Have a blog? Feature others or have them as your guests. Good traffic karma will follow. :)
  8. Create Etsy treasuries from time to time, like interesting listings/shops, build your Etsy circles and consider getting in on a local or special interest team.  Very few people appreciate handmade like fellow artists, and many shop handmade for supplies and items which are not in their creative niche.
  9. Conquer the concept of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to increase traffic to your site.  
  10. Experiment with free advertising on Project Wonderful.  It works on a bid system and many sites allow bids starting from $0. 
  11. Wear/use your own creationsBe proud to let people know where they can find the items on-line.
What are your favourite tips for increasing your shop presence or online traffic? We'd love to hear your ideas and experiences.


    1. Good advice. I have started on some of these and have the others on my to do list. Thanks for the reminders.

    2. Sounds fabulous, Carol. Good luck!


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