Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eco-Conscious Ideas for Greening Your Creative Business

We only have one planet, so we had better take good care of it.  Small changes all add up to make a very big difference, so you might be surprised at how much you can achieve without investing a lot of time, money or effort into greening your small business practices.  There are many way to make more eco-conscious choices for your creative or small business.  Here are just a few to spark your green imagination:
  1. Consider the footprint of your raw materials and supply sources.  Are there small changes that you could make to improve the sustainability of your sources or reduce waste during your manufacture?
  2. Make eco-conscious choices in your workshop, office or studio, such as switching to LED lighting or using environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  3. Run a low-paper or paperless office behind you business, with electronic communications and records where possible. 
  4. Sell, swap, or donate materials and equipment that you no longer use or are upgrading to give them a second lease on life instead of becoming waste.
  5. Ensure that any waste from your creative process or office activities is properly disposed, including compositing or recycling where feasible.  If you have e-waste or hazardous materials, check with your local council on disposal options - many accept small quantities for drop-off free of charge.
  6. Use reusable, recyclable, recycled and/or biodegradable wrapping, packing, and shipping materials when sending out your products.
  7. Recycle the shipping materials and packaging that comes with your raw materials.
  8. Select eco-conscious promotional materials, such as post-consumer recycled paper in your business cards, paper product bags, or biodegradable starch pens.
  9. Walk or cycle when running your business errands where feasible. 
  10. Carbon offset your website, manufacture, and/or shipping footprint.  You can do this through a paid offset program (whole or in part) or go DIY and green your own home or neighbourhood.  Perhaps you could make a commitment to plant a tree for every X number of sales.  Perfect!
Do you have any green business (or home) ideas to share?  Are you trying to go a bit greener? Leave a comment - I would love to hear from you and am always looking for new ideas. :) Updated: Check out the ever growing Greener Business Ideas board on Pinterest from our partner blog Green in Real Life for more ideas!

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